Iran’s Ghalibaf: Israel is ‘greatest evil’

May 16, 2021 - 18:55
“The heart of Islam beats for Palestine”

TEHRAN— Speaking at a parliamentary session on Sunday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf harshly condemned the recent bombardment of Gaza by the Israeli usurper regime and stated that Islam’s heart is beating for Palestine.

“The Zionist regime is the greatest evil and the stain of the record of the arrogant world,” he noted.

Criticizing the recent brutal and criminal attacks on the Palestinians, Ghalibaf said that the illegitimate and criminal regime of Israel has maximized the violation of the rights of the Palestinian people and continues its operations in the Sheikh Jarrah area with “the aim of genocide against the Palestinians.”

The senior parliamentarian said that Israel has directly targeted the defenseless people and residential areas with the most brutal attacks.

“The heart of Islam beats for Palestine. The Islamic Ummah and the resistance movement will stand up for the Palestinian cause with strength and self-confidence, and will punish the criminal Zionist usurpers,” he highlighted.

Expressing Iran’s support for all resistance fronts and popular uprisings, he called on the regional leaders to rush to help Palestine. 

“We will support any action to stop the Zionist crime machine so that zeal, courage and honor flow in the veins of the Muslim youth. The Palestinian people will not be alone for a moment. Unsuccessful plans such as the ‘deal of the century’ with the commitment of some Arab leaders will not work. It is imperative that all regional leaders rush to the aid of the resistance forces as soon as possible and prevent the genocide of the Palestinian people,” he insisted. 

On May 6, the Israeli Supreme Court decided a forced eviction of the Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, East Jerusalem. The Palestinians protested over the unfair ruling, as they were forced to leave their homes.

Israeli forces stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holiest site, and dispersed the Palestinian worshippers elsewhere in East Jerusalem.

Israel has been heavily bombing Gaza for seven consecutive days.


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