Judiciary says to confront election violation without discrimination

May 19, 2021 - 21:56

TEHRAN— The Judiciary will monitor any election violations with sensitivity during the campaigns and will deal without discrimination with those who try to undermine public calm or security, the first deputy Judiciary chief warned on Wednesday.

Pointing to the election atmosphere in the country, Gholamhossein Mohseni Ejei said the society is facing a different condition due to the elections.

Presidential and council elections will be held simultaneously on June 18. The candidates may begin their campaigns on May 28, a day after the Guardian Council releases the names of the qualified candidates.

He also said the enemy’s plan is to disappoint people and discourage them from attending ballot boxes.

Eje’i said showing up for the election is a “religious duty,” adding that republicanism and Islamism are two pillars of the election. 

He pointed out that Iran’s election is different from the United States or other Western countries. 

Pointing to the difference between elections in Iran and Western countries, the Judiciary official said, “In the elections of Islamic Iran, the presence of people is based on morality and beliefs, while in the Western electoral system, such an issue is not observed at all, and the elections take place in an immoral and inhuman atmosphere.”

Eje’i went on to say that the first priority is to take preventive measures against election violations.

If candidates or their supporters act against the law, “we will deal with them without any distinction between candidates and election headquarters,” he warned.

“Our main focus these days is to pay attention to ensuring the security and tranquility of the people, and it is necessary to deal with the violators without negligence and not to allow some people to disturb the peace and security of the country,” the cleric judge remarked. 

He noted that the Judiciary will deal legally, quickly and explicitly with false atmosphere, promotion of vulgarity, election violations and immoral moves contrary to publicly accepted norms.

“We will try to ensure the security of the society in these election days,” he promised.


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