Election hype begins as rumors emerge about high-profile candidates

May 23, 2021 - 21:44

TEHRAN — According to Fars News Agency, two of the high-profile presidential candidates will probably be found incompetent, as heated debates surfaced in the Guardian Council over their records.

The report did not give names, but pointed to certain clues about the candidates. 

Fars claimed that one of the candidates will not be confirmed because one of his children is currently studying in the United States, as the other candidate is suffering from a kind of unidentified disease.

The Guardian Council has repeatedly stated that it will review the records with careful precision and reasonable speed regardless of outside pressure. 

MP: I have presented documents against Jahangiri

Nasrollah Pejmanfar, a senior MP, said on Sunday that he has presented documents against presidential candidate Es’haq Jahangiri to the Guardian Council. 

Pejmanfar, the head of the Article 90 Committee of the Parliament, said Jahangiri, the currently first vice president, has had records of financial corruption and has been sentenced to a one-year dismissal from government duties and posts. 

Jahangiri is a high-profile candidate, representing the pro-reform Servants of Construction Party. 

He had recently appointed Hossein Mar’ashi, a senior member of the party, as his campaign manager; Fatemeh Pahlavani as his spokesperson and secretary of the policymaking council; and Mohammad Rahbari as his senior assistant.

The final names of the candidates will be announced on Tuesday, May 25, Guardian Council spokesman Abbasali Kadkhodaei said on Sunday.

He also said that there won’t be time to review the records again, hence, protests will not be heard. 

The presidential election will be held on June 18. Many opinion polls show that Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raeisi enjoys lead over other candidates. 


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