Government says unity lies in high voter turnout

May 26, 2021 - 11:21

TEHRAN — Speaking at his weekly press briefing on Tuesday, government spokesman Ali Rabiei responded to various questions regarding the June presidential elections.

“There is talk of a presidential election these days. The government, not only as a duty but also as an understanding of the situation in Iran and the future needs of Iranians in today's turbulent world, believes that maximum participation at this juncture will have more functions for Iran and Iranians than ever before,” Rabiei noted, responding to a question about election participation. 

Rabiei pointed out that low turnout in elections is not in anyone's interest and the main losers will be the people.

“No political group will win minimal participation,” he noted. 

He added, “We deeply believe that unity makes sense in participation and not lack of participation. The government deeply believes that the Islamic nature of the political system requires that its republican aspect be protected. The government deeply believes that providing the conditions for political participation is a civil right and a duty of the rulers.”

He added in a religious democracy it is the rulers who have the duty to provide conditions for participation of people in the elections.

"From this day on, the government expects from all institutions involved in the election process to consider the need to strengthen national unity in the current situation of the country with foresight and commitment to the spirit of the constitution," he said. 

The government spokesman also asked the authorities to provide the ground for hope especially in issues related to national interests and ensure the continuation of stability, security and progress of the country.

Responding to a question about Rouhani’s letter to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution on rejection of certain candidates by the Guardian Council, the spokesman said that he will ask about it and inform the press later.

“So far as I know, the president writes to the Leader only on important occasions,” said the spokesman. 

The names of the candidates were officially announced on May 25 by the Ministry of Interior after confirmation by the Guardian Council.


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