5,000 academics support Raeisi

May 24, 2021 - 22:24

TEHRAN — In a letter written by 5,000 academics, they expressed their utmost support in the June presidential elections for the Judiciary Chief, Ayatollah Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi.

In the letter, the academics thanked Raeisi for his smart move to nominate for the presidential election, asking him to form a strong government from the people, by upholding dignity and promoting economy “all-round authority of the country.”

They stated that Raeisi’s candidacy will help boost voter turnout and erase the atmosphere of hesitance in the election. 

In their letter, they called Raeisi a “plan-oriented” candidate who is capable of administering a wise management. 

The academics let Raeisi know that should he need help, they are more than ready to assist him in various issues such as foreign policy, economics, development and industrial sectors. 

The presidential election will be held on June 18.

The names of the qualified candidates will be released on Tuesday.


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