Top MP advises Erbil authorities to halt terrorists' acts against Iran

October 13, 2021 - 19:3

TEHRAN — A member of the parliament's National Security Committee has warned that if authorities in the Iraqi Kurdistan region fail to stop the terrorist acts by armed groups, Iran would use its legal right to take the necessary measures.

Armed groups use the Iraqi Kurdistan region for hit-and-run operations in western and northwestern Iran. These militants harass the local ordinary people and attack military forces whenever they find an opportunity.  

In an interview with Fars News Agency published on Wednesday, Esmail Kowsari said: "These outfits were armed after the victory of the Islamic Revolution with the support of the United States, the Zionist regime and the reactionary countries in the region."

Under international law, he said, Iran has the right to take military action against these militants.
The former military commander said support for these counter-revolutionary groups, including providing a wide range of logistics such as manpower training, equipment and other facilities, have enabled these groups to grow and be able to take action against the Islamic Republic.

The parliamentarian noted that so far Iran has held several rounds of talks and meetings with these countries in which terrorists take refuge in their lands but some have taken action against them and some been unable to contain them.
"Therefore, Iran always warned them that if these countries stopped those terrorists in the first place, that is good, because we have enough evidence that they are carrying out terrorist acts against us, but if these countries do not take necessary measures to halt these terrorist groups, based on our legal right, we will prevent their actions," Kowsari asserted.

Ultimately, this issue must be resolved within the region, especially on the Iranian borders with neighbors, he added. 

Regarding the silence of the officials of the Iraqi Kurdistan region and the central Iraqi government and the lack of effective action in this regard, Kowsari urged them to take appropriate measures to prevent these outfits to take actions against Iran.

Prior to remarks by Kowsari, Islamic Revolution Guard Crops (IRGC) Ground Force Commander Mohammad Pakpour had warned Iran won’t tolerate militants in northern Iraq.

“The officials of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region must evict the elements and members of the terrorist and anti-Revolution groups from northern Iraq immediately, otherwise we will destroy their strongholds and bases,” Tasnim quoted Pakpour as saying in late September.

Iranian Armed Forces Chief of Staff Mohammad Baqeri has also made similar warnings. 

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