Raisi: Prosperous future awaits Iran

October 15, 2021 - 21:34

TEHRAN — President Ebrahim Raisi has said a brilliant future is awaiting Iran, predicting the Iranian nation will witness progress and achievements in many areas.

The president said in a meeting with the Leader of the Islamic Revolution he had pointed to this issue that a bright future awaits Iran and the Leader said he deeply believed in this vision. 

Speaking on Thursday evening in a meeting of the administrative council of Fars Province, Raisi explained about 100 government ratifications following his visit to the province and the administration's plans to solve the problems in the province.

During the meeting of the administrative council, the president instructed the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism and the Governor of Fars to take measures to facilitate pilgrimage to the holy shrines of Shahcheragh, and Hazrat Seyyed Alaeddin Hussein Ibn Musa Al-Kazem (AS).

Importance of completing semi-finished plans

In another part of his remarks, the president stressed the importance of completing semi-finished projects in provinces and said that first half-finished projects should be completed and then new projects should be put on the agenda.

Referring to his quick visit to Kenareh village in Marvdasht city during his one-day trip to the province, Raisi said:  "The people of the region had difficulty accessing water for bathing, and this shows that the issue of water is one of the necessities and priorities."

The president went on to say that work has started to supply water to the region, which had been abandoned half-finished.

These unfinished projects should be completed as soon as possible, he insisted.

It is necessary to talk to the people

In another part of his remarks, Raisi spoke about the administration's efforts to solve the problems caused by drought in different provinces, saying: "This issue will be raised in the Supreme Water Council, including in Fars province."

The high-ranking official stated that if the capacities and credits in this sector were distributed fairly, the people would be satisfied. 

Inactive industries should be revived

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president emphasized that dormant industries in Fars province should be revived. He noted that a number of industries in the province had been closed and some were semi-active."

He pointed to his visit to the Marvdasht Azmayesh factory that has been closed, saying: "Today we saw a deplorable situation in this factory; it has been turned into an onion warehouse."

Referring to the concerns of some Marvdasht ranchers about a desire by some to import livestock instead of domestic production, Raisi underlined that solution to economic problems lies on production. "We must be producers in the agricultural and industrial sectors, because import will undermine independence."

The president urged banks to direct banking facilities to the production secotr, saying channeling bank resources towards production would strengthen national economy.

"We believe that if liquidity and monetary and banking resources be at the service of brokers instead of producers, it will devastate the country," he affirmed.

"Whenever we have an increase in liquidity and these costs do not go to production, we have to worry about its harms, including its inflationary consequences," Raisi added.

"The policy and strategy of the 13th administration is based on this priority, and instead of injecting money, it seeks the right spending strategy to direct capital and liquidity towards production and strengthen resistance economy."

He noted that directing liquidity, capital and banking resources toward the production sector would make the economy to prosper, create jobs and revive hope in the society.

The president also called on investors and businessmen inside and outside the country to choose Fars Province for economic activities.

Security of investment in various sectors such as agriculture, industry, tourism, trade, etc. is guaranteed in the province, he stated. 

In another part of his remarks, the president underscored that his administration is determined to reduce unemployment, resolve the housing problems, etc. 

He went on to say that the officials, especially the governors, should seek to solve the problems “with the cooperation and utilization of all capacities and the elites."

The Raisi administration has promised to build four million housing units with the four-year presidency. The high inflation rate that has mostly resulted from illegal sanctions on Iran has led to a sharp rise in house prices and renting.

"The ministers and (other) officials in this administration should think about solving the people's problems and what should be done to radically reduce poverty and improve the people's livelihood and resolve economic problems," Raisi stated.

At the beginning of his trip to Fars on Thursday, the president paid a quick visit to Marvdasht city, 45 km north of Shiraz. While visiting the Azmayesh factory, he talked face to face with people, including ranchers and farmers in the village of Kenareh. 

The president also visited paper factory under construction, the Persepolis World Heritage Complex, the holy shrine of Shahcheragh (AS) and the tomb of Hafez, the famous Iranian poet, in Shiraz, the province of Fars province.

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