Global contest seeks to alter gastronomy tourism through innovation

January 28, 2022 - 21:26

TEHRAN – The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) in collaboration with Basque Culinary Center has launched the 3rd Global Competition for Gastronomy Tourism Startups.

Their mission is to find challenges and projects and catalyze innovations that can transform the Gastronomy Tourism sector in the near future, according to organizers.

With incessant growth in the last decade, tourism generates approximately one in 10 jobs and accounts for 10.2% of world GDP.

Experts believe that food tourism has become one of the most dynamic and creative segments of tourism and, at the same time, has naturally positioned itself as an element of diversification of tourism with a high impact on the promotion of sustainable development at the regional and local levels.

The event seeks to promote startups with high technological components to provide solutions or new services related to the gastronomic tourism sector.

In 2020, Iran joined an online campaign launched by the UNWTO to promote gastronomy as an essential part of tourism. Iranian cuisine, usually dominated by fragrant herbs, varies from region to region. It principally accentuates freshness, deliciousness, and colorfulness.

No Persian meal is complete without an abundance of herbs. Every table is usually set with sabzi khordan, a basket of fresh herbs, radishes, and scallions, which are eaten raw and by the handful. Persian cuisine is, above all, about balance — of tastes and flavors, textures and temperatures.


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