Raisi phones Assad, says Tehran opposes intervention in Syria

July 10, 2022 - 21:29

TEHRAN — In a phone call late on Saturday, Iran’s President Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi told his Syrian counterpart Bashar Assad that Tehran supports maintaining peace and stability in Syria and strongly opposes foreign interference in the country.

While pointing to the necessity of implementing the previous agreements between the two countries, Raisi hailed the recent visit of the Syrian president to Tehran and called it a “success”. 

He underscored good agreements were reached during the trip and the implementation of which should be followed seriously.

Raisi stated that Tehran's support for the axis of resistance, especially Syria, will continue. “Iran supports the establishment of peace and stability and opposes any foreign intervention in Syria.”

For his part, Assad congratulated the government and nation of Iran on the arrival of Eid al-Adha, and requested Raisi to convey his sincere congratulations to Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution.

The Syrian president also said that the common enemies are getting weaker day by day, let alone year by year in the face of the axis of resistance.

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