Iran has never sought nuclear bombs: spokesman

July 18, 2022 - 21:21

TEHRAN - Nasser Kanaani, the spokesman for the Iranian foreign ministry, has reacted to the U.S. president’s threat against Iran over American-Israeli allegations of Iran seeking nuclear bombs, saying that Iran has never sought to build such bombs.

That U.S. President Joe Biden threatens Iran over nuclear allegations while visiting an “outlaw regime” possessing nukes is an “irony of our times,” Kanaani said on Twitter. 

“Irony of our times: just on the anniv. of 1st US nuke test & after visiting an outlaw regime that possess clandestine nukes, Mr. Biden stresses that he would not ‘allow’ Iran to build bombs,” he said. 

The spokesman considered the U.S. commitment not to allow Iran develop nuclear weapons a “sales pitch” aimed at charming Israel. “Sales pitch to charm the Israeli apartheid regime by bombs that Iran has never sought,” he said. 

During his visit to Israel, U.S. President Joe Biden issued threats against Iran and spoke in such a way as to signal Washington’s readiness to use force against Iran.

In Jerusalem, President Biden signed a document called “The Jerusalem U.S.-Israel Strategic Partnership Joint Declaration,” which makes two references to Iran in the context of the U.S.’s commitment to preserving Israel’s security. 

The Declaration accused Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons and highlighted a U.S. commitment to “use all elements of its national power to ensure” that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons.

Biden continued to make allegations during his visit to Saudi Arabia. 
Kanaani dismissed these allegations. Kanaani dismissed Biden’s claims as unfounded, saying such groundless remarks are part of Washington’s policy of inciting sedition and fomenting tensions in the region.

The spokesman touched upon the past record of the United States as the first country to have used A-bombs and pointed to its relentless interference in the internal affairs of the regional countries, military aggression and occupation, large sales of weapons and promotion of militarism in the region.

“Once again by resorting to the failed policy of promoting Iranophobia, the United States seeks to create tensions and crisis in the region,” he noted, according to an Iranian foreign ministry statement.

The spokesman further underscored several decades of Washington’s blind and unflinching support for the usurper Israeli regime.

“Indubitably, the U.S. government is the key contributor to the ongoing occupation of the Palestinian land and holy Qods, the regime’s day-to-day crimes against Palestinians and apartheid and systematic violation of human rights with regards to the oppressed and resistant Palestinian nation,” he explained.

He underlined Iran’s strategic policy of utilizing peaceful nuclear technology within the framework of international law and regulations as well as its insistence on the need to continue talks on the lifting of sanctions on Tehran.

“The United Sates’ false accusations regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s peaceful nuclear program and turning a blind eye to decades of deception by the Israeli regime as a non-signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and the possessor of the largest arsenal of nuclear arms in the region are a major sign of the U.S. government’s hypocrisy,” Kanaani stated.

The spokesman then recalled Iran’s fundamental and constructive policy of welcoming dialog with neighboring countries as well as intra-regional initiatives.

“In response to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s invitation for, and initiatives on regional talks and cooperation, regional governments are expected to take constructive steps in favor of collective security, peace, stability and development,” he added.

Many pundits have said that the Biden visit to the West Asia region failed to achieve the desired goals. 

Also, an Iranian lawmaker has said that United States President Joe Biden’s visit to the West Asia region was aimed to save Israel from the crises it is entangled in.

“As regards Biden's trip to the region, there are several noteworthy points. First, the situation of the usurping Zionist regime is unfavorable, critical, and special. Many governments tried to solve the problems of this regime, but they all failed,” Mehrdad Veis-Karami told Iran’s state news agency IRNA. 

He added, “Internal threats of the Zionist regime, martyrdom-seeking operations that have challenged the security of the Zionist regime, incidents with unknown sources such as frequent fires have put this regime in a difficult situation.”

Referring to the drone and missile power of the Resistance Front in Palestine and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, he said in the past “the Zionist regime responded to a single Kalashnikov bullet with an F-16 aircraft, but now we see that it is in a weak position.”

The lawmaker said, “The very analysis that this child-killing regime has been subjected to serious decline and downfall is one of the debates that are seriously discussed in the media of the Zionist regime.”

In such a situation, he said, the American Zionists are putting pressure on President Biden to “stabilize this regime by traveling to the occupied territories and give it legitimacy and credibility.”

Veis-Karami said, “Currently, the Zionist regime is surrounded by resistance, the fragile maneuvers of this regime with some reactionary Arab countries will not be able to guarantee the survival of this occupying regime.”

He said one of the motivations of Biden's trip to the region is to create an alliance between the Zionist regime and reactionary Arab countries. “This alliance will never be realized,” he asserted. 

He said, “The American president will not be able to save the regime that is rotten from the inside.”

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