Iran to respond to countries backing terror groups: intelligence chief

July 29, 2022 - 21:22

TEHRAN – The Iranian Minister of Intelligence Seyyed Esmaeil Khatib has issued a warning to countries supporting groups that carry out terrorist operations inside Iran, saying they must wait for a response, according to Al Alam.

“The countries that support the enemies of the Iranian people must wait for a response,” Khatib asserted, addressing a local security council meeting in Sanandaj, capital of the western province of Kurdistan. 

The counter-revolutionary group Komala/PJAK conducts terrorist acts once in a while in western Iran. It is supported by the Zionist regime of Israel.

The intelligence minister said such anti-revolutionary forces are working for Israel. “The Komala faction acts as a mercenary for the Zionist entity,” he remarked.

Khatib went on to describe the current war against the Islamic Republic of Iran as a hybrid war. “America, by using the soft war and the unjust sanctions measures, sought to revive its declining hegemony in the region, but it failed to do so,” the intelligence chief remarked.

The minister stressed that it is necessary to use the capabilities of the national media, cultural figures and virtual space to expose the crimes of the counter-revolutionary factions, as well as to explain the country's services and successes.

The security and intelligence services are well aware of any movements of the enemy and that offensive measures are on the agenda of the work of the security services, the intelligence chief stressed.

“The enemy is trying to exploit ethnic groups and religions as a challenge to the Iranian people, but the steadfastness and vigilance of the people thwarted these plots,” he pointed out. 

Earlier last week, Khatib said the Islamic Republic is facing all-out wars waged by its enemies but it is capable of winning due to its capabilities.

He stressed that today Iran, as a major and decisive power in the region, is able to mobilize all its energies and forces to achieve victory in this confrontation.

The minister pointed to the enemy's frantic attempts to launch comprehensive wars against the Islamic Republic through military, cultural, political, and terrorist and sabotage alliances, in addition to virtual space.

In early June, Khatib said the enemy has focused on stirring popular protests and terrorist acts in Iran. 

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