JCPOA still an achievement for Biden

January 2, 2023 - 20:35

Arman-e Melli ran a story headline ‘JCPOA still an achievement for Bide’, quoting Abdolreza Farjirad, a diplomat and foreign policy expert.

Farjirad believes that non-public diplomacy should begin to reach an agreement in the nuclear field, which will probably start from Muscat.

Both America and Europe are looking for an agreement with Iran, and so are the Chinese, but the Russians currently have other concerns in the war in Ukraine. The Russians thought that Europe would fall to its knees in the cold and the war would end in favor of the Russians, considering Iran’s oil as the only substitute for their energy, while Europe’s energy was provided from elsewhere, he analyzed.

Americans need this agreement with Iran. Biden has been able to make the economic situation of America favorable, that is why he is seeking to be a candidate again. Biden is interested in international achievement in addition to economic achievement in order to ensure his victory in the 2024 elections, he concluded.

Sharq: What is the problem; Knowledge of economics or the art of politics?

The reformist Sharq newspaper, in a note, argued that the main problem is not the low level of economic knowledge, but the low level of governance knowledge, the art of policymaking and the gift of public dialogue.

What we desperately need these days are not economists, but trust between the people and the government, and reassuring and persuasive conversations in the public, the author suggested.

Hojjat Mirzaei, criticized the government for the lowest rate of political participation in the last four decades, and being indifferent to official reports of hard living conditions of citizens instead of making dialogue and offering solution, warning about the 25 percent decrease in social trust.

Javan: Commander Soleimani and national security

Conservative Javan publication again focused on the influential role of Martyr Soleimani in the national security and rendering the enemies’ threats ineffective.

The enemies and the internal opponents claim that supporting the resistance front has incurred heavy costs for the country and as a result, the economic and livelihood problems of the people have increased, it wrote.

Were it not for his efforts, Iran would have to pay much more costs to repel these threats and would have to endure another massive war with thousands of martyrs and thousands of billions of damages, which would naturally be much more than the cost that was spent on supporting the resistance forces, the report highlighted.

Etemad: Democracy and development obstacles to separatism

Ehsan Houshmand, a researcher of ethnic studies and Iranologist, in an interview with Etemad talked about some of the recent separatist movements.

He considered poverty and underdevelopment as the main elements of the growth of separatist groups in the country.

Shirin Ebadi has held many meetings in European circles including the European Parliament with the leaders of the Iranian nationalist armed movements who are training the armed forces and military actions inside the country.

Unfortunately, the uneven development of different regions of the country happened during the past century, considering the development indicators (education, health, employment, industry, agriculture) in Sistan-Baluchistan, part of West Azerbaijan, Kordistan, Ilam, South Khorasan, South Kerman.

In any parts of the world, you will not see a land with a common long political history, a stable government and a civilized field that moves towards federalization, separatism and disintegration by its own hands.

Ham Mihan: Air pollution or institutional pollution?

Ham Mihan publication, in its editorial, addressed the causes of severe air pollution haunting the country’s metropolises, asking ‘Air pollution or institutional pollution?’

The report referred to the letter of Tehran City Council members to the heads of the three authorities warning about the critical situation of air pollution in the capital, and wrote that the main problem is institutional and political pollution.

A healthy society is a society in which there are civil and independent institutions that accurately say which policies caused these pollutions, whether the production of polluting cars, the use of diesel fuel or non-standard fuel, the non-optimal consumption of energy or other similar policies. 

The problem is not air pollution or food contamination; rather, institutional and political pollution should be blamed, because a group of officials only seek power and now that they have reached it, their inefficiency has become more obvious than ever, the newspaper criticized.

Kayhan: Zionist regime must greet its end

The result of the Zionist regime’s intervention and mischief against the Islamic Republic, especially in the Iranophobia project, the assassination of nuclear scientists and the disintegration of Iran will not go unanswered, conservative Kayhan newspaper wrote.

Iran’s military achievements and facilities of the army and IRGC are based on a religious approach and cannot be compared with the propaganda and psychological exercises of the enemies, and will crush their false hegemony.

The actions of the Zionist regime are to justify or confront its fear. The coward regime is declining based on divine tradition, but if they want to commit suicide early out of fear of death, we will not stop it.

If there is a threat to the independence, territorial integrity and system of the Islamic Republic, the army will enter with force and give a harsh response, Kayhan warned.

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