Time to find another shelter

February 19, 2023 - 19:38
Headquarter of Iran International is relocated to Washington

TEHRAN- A Farsi-language satellite news channel based in London said on Saturday it had moved its broadcasts to Washington to allegedly safeguard its so-called journalists.

The move is regarded whether the expiration date is over or due to security concerns. To answer this question, Iran International has scrambled to sow unrest in Iran to undermine the country’s security and stability. 

However, after all of its plots failed, it made another allegation against the Islamic Revolution as its journalists are under threats by the Iranian forces! 

It is better to say that the network has barely had other option but to flee from London in the wake of its expiry date in anti-Iran project instigated by the U.S., UK and even Saudi Arabia which finally failed to bear fruit. 

Furthermore, it is hilarious that the Saudi-financed channel spread rumors that the Iranian officials had managed to depart to Venezuela but instead such a scenario come true to itself.       

The channel’s staff has experienced new political and economic hurdles as it sought another shelter in Washington.

Having failed the anti-Iran project, two members of the network signaled readiness to cooperate with Iran. Hence, all its employees, even the administrative staff, were banned from leaving London. In addition, they are also barred from meeting their families living in Europe.

The British government has made attempts to act as a mediator between Iran and the United States over the last few weeks and lay the ground for an agreement between Tehran and Washington, but it is contradictory to support Iran International because its interests are at odd with Iranian citizens.

The United States and England have concluded that the survival of the channel lies in Saudi Arabia. But the Kingdom has been seeking negotiations with Tehran for several months. According to the Iraqi media, the Saudis have asked the Iraqi premier to expedite its mediation efforts between Riyadh and Tehran and provide the ground for an official meeting between Iranian and Saudi officials. Consequently, Saudi officials will no longer bear responsibility of Iran International. 

Now that, according to the opposition, the riots are referred to as a failed project, there is a building in London brimming with dozens of displaced people who used to be in direct contact with British and American security agents. There was a time that they were talking about their imaginary role in the future of Iran, but now they are left to seek another den. 

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