Israeli regime on verge of collapsing: Foreign Ministry

April 28, 2023 - 19:13

TEHRAN- Nasser Kanaani, spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, has asserted that the Zionist apartheid regime is disintegrating and suffering from a false identity crisis.

Kanaani made the comments in a series of tweets on Friday ahead of the anniversary of the establishment of the fake Israeli regime, known as Nakba Day, or catastrophe, among the Arab populations. 

The liberation of Palestine and end to the disastrous predicament in which Palestinians are trapped are imminent, as the Israeli regime looks to be weaker than ever, Kanaani remarked. 

“The day of the establishment of the ominous regime of Israel is the day of the occupation of a country and the land of another nation (Palestine), which is called ‘Day of the Nakba,’” Kanaani tweeted. 

He went on to add, “Despite the oppression of the Palestinian people for 75 years, the apartheid regime is more divided than ever and is experiencing an identity crisis. The catastrophe will soon come to an end, and Palestine will be freed.”

Kanaani also noted that “contrary to what the Zionists and their Western allies claim, Israel is not a democratic government established in a country without a history of its own; rather, it is an occupying force that has ruled over another country’s territory and created an ethnic and racist government.”

The spokesman also emphasized the crucial role the West played in the establishment and survival of the Israeli regime, asserting that Western powers should be ashamed of what they have done to the Palestinians. 

Every year on May 15, Nakba Day commemorates the 75 years since the Israeli regime launched an ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. 

Having secured the support of the British government for the creation of a Jewish state in Palestine, on May 14, 1948, as soon as the British Mandate expired, Zionist forces declared the establishment of the regime of Israel, triggering the first Arab-Israeli war.

On the day marking the Nakba, Palestinians and others who support them hold protests and other activities.

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