Riyadh names new ambassador to Tehran, Amir Abdollahian says

May 12, 2023 - 23:5

TEHRAN- Saudi Arabia named a new ambassador to Tehran, according to Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian, two months after a deal mediated by China to resolve a seven-year rift in the two countries’ ties.

Speaking with IRNA on Wednesday, Amir Abdollahian said that “Saudi Arabia introduced its new ambassador to Tehran yesterday. We will also name our new ambassador to the Saudi government soon.”

The two nations agreed to choose new ambassadors and reopen their embassies within two months as part of the reconciliation pact reached in Beijing on March 10.

Iran’s top diplomat went on to add that his colleagues have been working tirelessly for weeks to prepare the embassy and consulate for reopening.

The first meeting between the foreign ministers of Iran and Saudi Arabia in the last seven years took place on April 6 in Beijing, where it was emphasized that the China-brokered deal must be put into effect.

Both parties have praised the détente’s potential to reduce tensions throughout the West Asia region.

Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations with Iran in January 2016 when Iranian demonstrators stormed the Saudi embassy in Tehran, incensed over the Saudi government’s execution of famous Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr Baqir al-Nimr.

“Ireland reluctant to make unjustified judgment on IRGC”

According to Irish Foreign Minister Micheal Martin, Dublin has no interest in making judgment on the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) without sufficient evidence.

In a phone call with his Iranian counterpart, Amir Abdollahian, on Thursday, Martin said that Ireland recognizes Iran’s vital involvement in the battle against terrorism.

He also applauded Iran’s recent humanitarian move to free an Irish citizen.

Amir Abdollahian vehemently opposed the Swedish parliament’s decision to blacklist the IRGC, asserting that those opposed to Iran and terrorists were behind the action.

“This move has been engineered by terrorist elements and individuals disavowed by the Iranian nation,” he added.

Iran’s top diplomat stated that the IRGC has been crucial in the war against terrorism and referred to it as “a sovereign institution.”

Abdollahian reiterated that “the IRGC is responsible for safeguarding national and border security, and holds the paramount position in combating terrorism in the region.”

He then highlighted the numerous areas of collaboration between Iran and Ireland, emphasizing the need of grasping such possibilities in a way that benefits both nations.

Martin stated that his government is committed to expanding its collaboration with Iran.

The Irish foreign minister praised Iran’s cooperation with the IAEA and expressed Ireland’s support for efforts to lift sanctions against Iran.

He ultimately extended a formal invitation to Amir Abdollahian to visit Dublin, stating he wants to visit Tehran soon.

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