• Mohammad Javad Zarif 2019-09-15 20:48

    Zarif meets Indian foreign secretary, expresses concern over Kashmir

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif met with Indian Foreign Secretary Vijay Gokhale in Tehran on Sunday.

  • Riffat Masood 2019-09-04 19:44

    Pakistan ambassador hopes Iran mediates to resolve Kashmir issue

    TEHRAN – Pakistan’s ambassador to Tehran has expressed hope that Tehran acts as a mediator to resolve the Kashmir conflict between Pakistan and India.

  • Iran’s student association writes to UN on Kashmir 2019-08-24 20:35

    Iran’s student association writes to UN on Kashmir

    TEHRAN – The Office for Strengthening Unity (OSU), an Iranian student organization, has written an open letter to United Nations Secretary General António Guterres urging the UN to condemn the Indian government for its behavior against Kashmiris.

  • Iran’s grand ayatollah demands immediate halt to Indian violence in Kashmir 2019-08-17 18:57

    Iran’s grand ayatollah demands immediate halt to Indian violence in Kashmir

    TEHRAN – A senior Iranian religious scholar has condemned the inhumane treatment of Kashmiris by the Indian government, urging the central government to immediately stop its atrocities against the innocent Kashmiri people and observe their rights.

  • Kashmir issue is one of Muslim world’s tragedies: cleric 2019-08-16 17:50

    Kashmir issue is one of Muslim world’s tragedies: cleric

    TEHRAN – Hojjatoleslam Kazem Seddiqi, the interim Friday prayer leader of Tehran, has said the issue of Kashmir is one of the tragedies of the Muslim world.

  • Demonstration in Kashmir 2019-08-14 16:06

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    ‘Free Kashmir’ slogans reverberate in Tehran

    TEHRAN - In solidarity with the people of Indian-controlled Kashmir, hundreds of people, mostly university students, staged a demonstration in front of the Indian Embassy in Tehran on Thursday morning.

  • Mousavi 2019-08-14 00:15

    Iran expresses concerns over restrictions on Kashmiri citizens

    TEHRAN - Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi issued a statement on Tuesday expressing Iran’s concerns over reports of tight security measures and religious restrictions against the people of Indian-administered Kashmir.

  • Batool Subeiti 2019-08-13 12:39

    By Batool Subeiti 

    Britain's shadow over India's crimes in Kashmir

    LONDON - While there is no doubt that the Indian armed forces and the fascist Hindu nationalist ruling party in India need to be held to account for the reign of terror they have unleashed on the people of Kashmir throughout these decades, the latest attempt to annex the disputed territory to the union of India is particularly alarming and a matter of grave concern. 

  • Imran - Rouhani 2019-08-12 18:26

    Rouhani, Imran Khan hold talks over Kashmir

    TEHRAN – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan on Sunday made a phone conversation with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to discuss the ongoing situation in Kashmir.

  • Cleric urges India to stop acting against Muslims 2019-08-09 18:03

    Cleric urges India to stop acting against Muslims

    TEHRAN – Tehran Friday prayer leader Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahedi Kermani has urged the Indian government to stop its anti-Muslim actions in Kashmir, saying such measures would not be to the benefit of neither India nor the region.

  • Advisor voices concerns over Kashmir tensions 2019-08-09 16:07

    Amir Abdollahian says there is no military solution to Kashmir crisis

    Advisor voices concerns over Kashmir tensions

    TEHRAN – Hossein Amir Abdollahian, a senior foreign policy advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker, has voiced concerns over the escalation of tensions over Kashmir, saying the crisis has no military solution.

  • Kashmir 2019-08-07 21:01

    By Quayyum Raja

    Trump’s offer on Kashmir and bottom line

    American President Donald Trump revealed to Pakistani premier Imran Khan in a meeting in White House that the Indian premier Narendra Modi asked him to mediate on Kashmir Issue.

  • India Pakistan 2019-08-07 18:39

    Iran urges India, Pakistan to engage in talks on Kashmir

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi on Wednesday urged India and Pakistan to adopt peaceful ways and engage in talks over a rising conflict on Jammu and Kashmir.

  • Hassan Rouhani - Imran Khan 2019-04-22 18:03

    Iran, Pakistan to establish rapid reaction force against terrorists

    No third country can affect Iran-Pakistan ties: Rouhani

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that Iran and Pakistan are determined to expand relations and no third country can undermine their friendly ties.

  • A. G. Noorani 2019/03/18

    By A. G. Noorani

    Kashmir matters, and Kashmiris too

    TEHRAN- Relations between India and Pakistan have nosedived since Narendra Modi became prime minister in 2014. If anyone thought that he would make up the loss by a conciliatory policy towards Kashmiris, they were mistaken. It was never part of his agenda. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) would have none of it. The game is to accuse dissent within Kashmir as a movement that is Pakistani sponsored, and ruthlessly crush it.

  • China wants ‘discussions’ on blacklisting JeM chief 2019-03-17 10:15

    China wants ‘discussions’ on blacklisting JeM chief

    TEHRAN - China and India, the two regional heavyweights, are again at loggerheads, this time over China blocking the move to blacklist a Pakistan-based chief of a terrorist outfit.

  • Kashmir newspapers run blank front pages 2019-03-12 10:08

    Kashmir newspapers run blank front pages

    TEHRAN - To register their protest against the government’s move to stop advertisements to two prominent newspapers in Indian-controlled Kashmir, newspapers in the region ran blank front pages on Sunday.

  • India's High Commissioner to Pakistan Ajay Bisaria 2019-03-10 10:15

    India’s Pakistan envoy returns to Islamabad

    TEHRAN - In a move that marks the de-escalation of political and diplomatic tensions between India and Pakistan, New Delhi’s envoy to Islamabad joined back office on Wednesday.

  • U.S. asks its citizens not to visit Kashmir 2019-03-10 10:08

    U.S. asks its citizens not to visit Kashmir

    TEHRAN - Following escalation of tensions in the region, the U.S. government has issued a travel advisory for its nationals, asking them not to visit “most of Jammu and Kashmir”.

  • Lessons from the Indian brinkmanship 2019-03-09 10:40

    By Asif Durrani

    Lessons from the Indian brinkmanship

    What lessons have we learnt from Mr. Modi’s misadventure in the past week? Alertness to face the enemy on the diplomatic and military fronts has been the major takeaway for Pakistan of this episode which won accolades globally from friends and foes. The second important lesson which our policy makers may have learnt is that in the international arena, it is your own prowess which saves the day for you. Third and most important gain from Pakistan’s point of view has been the internationalization of Kashmir dispute, much to the chagrin of India. Fourth, and pleasantly surprising for Pakistan, was Russian offer of mediation between Pakistan and India, which, of course, India did not like a bit.

  • Pakistan govt cracks down on militant groups 2019-03-06 22:07

    Pakistan govt cracks down on militant groups

    TEHRAN - In a significant move, Pakistani authorities have reportedly detained 44 members of various militant groups, including relatives of Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) chief Masood Azhar,

  • Foreign Minister Zarif 2019-03-05 21:58

    Tehran mediating between Pakistan, India

    TEHRAN – Iran has been acting as mediator to help settle a dispute between Pakistan and India which has intensified over the past few weeks.

  • Pakistan to free captured Indian pilot in effort to defuse Kashmir standoff 2019-03-01 12:29

    Pakistan to free captured Indian pilot in effort to defuse Kashmir standoff

    India is waiting for the release of a pilot who has been in Pakistani custody since he was shot down over Kashmir on Wednesday, a goodwill gesture which could defuse the gravest crisis in the disputed border region in years.

  • India-Pakistan war 2019-03-01 11:35

    Amidst ‘war-like situation’, India, Pakistan conduct surgical strikes

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    TEHRAN - From diplomatic offensive to military action, India has moved swiftly to take ‘revenge’ from arch-rival Pakistan for the recent terror attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir.

  • Beena Sarwar 2019-02-28 13:13

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    ‘Events unfolding between India and Pakistan very frightening’

    TEHRAN - The heightened tensions between India and Pakistan – the two warring neighbors – in the wake of recent terror attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir have brought them on the warpath again.

  • Pakistan to fence 950km of border with Iran 2019-02-25 16:03

    Islamabad hopes to keep militants in check after attack on IRGC frayed ties with Tehran

    Pakistan to fence 950km of border with Iran

    In order to de-escalate tensions with its neighbour in the west, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s administration plans to fence 950km of the border linking Pakistan’s Balochistan province with Iran’s Sistan and Baluchestan province.

  • Kashmir 2019-02-24 10:04

    Separatists arrested in Kashmir in overnight raids

    TEHRAN - Situation continues to be tense in Indian-controlled Kashmir with more than 100 separatist leaders and activists detained in overnight raids, sources said on Saturday.

  • China-India 2019-02-21 09:07

    China urges India, Pakistan to ‘exercise retraint’

    TEHRAN - China, a regional giant, has urged two estranged neighbors Pakistan and India to exercise restraint and conduct dialogue to achieve resolution of outstanding issues.

  • Imran Khan 2019-02-21 09:01

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Pakistan PM offers cooperation, demands ‘actionable evidence’ from India

    TEHRAN - Almost a week after a deadly attack in Indian-controlled Kashmir killed at least 44 members of India’s central reserve police force, Pakistan’s premier finally broke his silence on Tuesday.

  • India withdraws security of Kashmiri separatists 2019-02-19 10:01

    India withdraws security of Kashmiri separatists

    TEHRAN _ Stung by the deadly attack on its security forces in Indian-controlled Kashmir on Thursday, Indian government has decided to withdraw security cover of separatist leaders in the region.