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  • US China 2021/04/06

    By Amir Mohammad Esmaeili

    Strategic cooperation of emerging powers: Beyond regional instability, towards a new global order

    Homme Malade de l'Europe was eventually divided by the Allied Powers at the end of World War I. The Ottoman Empire, which had been declining for a long time, was finally disintegrated by the Western spirit of expansionism. As a result, the nation-states were born whose nations had little to do with their own destiny.

  • US democracy 2021/04/05

    By Mohammad Mazhari 

    When democracy lacks morality

    Capitol Hill is witnessing sad days after an attack on the U.S. Capitol complex in Washington DC which has left one police officer dead and another injured. 

  • Nanotech increasing pace of development in Iran 2021-04-04 16:28

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Nanotech increasing pace of development in Iran

    TEHRAN – Nanotechnology’s trend of development is growing in Iran, as the number of nanoproducts and equipment developed in the previous [Iranian calendar] year (March 20) increased to 750, compared with 647 a year before.

  • ساعت زمین 2021-03-27 11:16

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Earth Hour 2021: stop taking nature for granted

    Earth Hour is an annual tradition in which people switch off their lights to spread awareness about sustainability and climate change.

  • آب 2021-03-14 16:46

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Giving new life to central Iranian plateau

    TEHRAN - The national plan for transferring water from the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman to seven provinces situated in the semi-arid central plateau will be completed by 2025, aiming to save underground water resources while flourishing industries and agriculture in the region.

  • Steps Iran must take to become leading player in medical tourism 2021-03-09 22:42

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Steps Iran must take to become leading player in medical tourism

    As you are well aware, medical tourism is booming worldwide as about 20 to 24 million people are traveling for medical treatments annually. Factors such as increased care needs over longer lifespans, rising healthcare costs, and constant pressures on some insurance industries are reasons behind why some opt to travel abroad.

  • Unique trees of Iran: important plant genetic resources 2021-03-06 17:20

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Unique trees of Iran: important plant genetic resources

    TEHRAN – Trees are one of the most important plant genetic resources, in addition to the indescribable beauty they give to natural landscapes. Iran is also rich with different species of trees, but the oldest of which are cypress and sycamore.

  • budget 2021-03-01 14:54

    By Ebrahim Fallahi

    Majlis continues reviewing details of next year’s budget bill

    TEHRAN – Every year after the government submits the draft of the national budget bill for the next year to the Iranian parliament (Majlis), the parliament’s budget review committee immediately begins assessing general outlines of the bill including the incomes and the expenses.

  • scrapping 2021-02-28 16:51

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Car scrapping industry dormant; scrap imported

    TEHRAN- It’s a couple of years that Iran has launched a car scrappage scheme, mainly aimed at reducing air pollution, especially in the capital Tehran.

  • Role of village administrations in rural development 2021-02-26 17:09

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Role of village administrations in rural development

    TEHRAN – Established in 2003, Iran's Municipalities and Village Administrations Organization has so far implemented about 130,000 small and medium-scale development projects across the country's rural areas.

  • Engineers endeavor to change the world for the better 2021-02-22 17:47

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Engineers endeavor to change the world for the better

    TEHRAN – Iran marks National Engineer's Day on February 23, honoring the efforts and achievements of the engineers who are behind nearly any development to change the world for the better.

  • Mother tongue is the soul of life 2021-02-21 17:06

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Mother tongue is the soul of life

    TEHRAN - International Mother Language Day is celebrated each year on February 21. It is a source of inspiration to build multicultural and inclusive societies where people of all races, faiths, languages, and cultures get respect and can live with dignity.

  • Mining 2021-02-07 12:36

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    “Domestic Production” materialized in mining sector

    This month last year, the previous head of Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), which is the country’s major state-owned holding active in the mining sector, announced the organization’s top 10 targets to be followed up through some programs for domestic production of parts and equipment used in the mining sector as well as indigenizing required technology of this sector.

  • نوآوری 2021-02-05 15:37

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Global Innovation Index puts Iran 4th in West Asia

    TEHRAN – Iran has ranked 60th in the world and 4th in West Asia in the 2021 Global Innovation Index which analyzes dozens of criteria using seven equally weighted metrics, including research and development spending, manufacturing capability, and concentration of high-tech public companies.

  • Glimpses of bread making in Iran 2021-02-02 18:41

    By Afshin Majlesi

    Glimpses of bread making in Iran

    Since the olden days, bread has been the staple diet of the folks living in the semi-arid Iranian plateau. Traditional and ethnic Persian breads are famed for their strong flavor, quality, and diversity.

  • Iran's achievements in fight against cancer 2021-02-02 17:20

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Iran's achievements in fight against cancer

    TEHRAN – The development of cancer caregivers and specialists, increasing the number of service providers, and implementation of early diagnosis programs, along with support by NGOs and charities are the major steps Iran has taken in the fight against cancer.

  • تالاب 2021-02-01 16:47

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Let’s just say ‘RAMSAR' wetlands convention

    On February 2, 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar, nestling between the Alborz mountains and the Caspian Sea coast, the representatives of 18 nations put their signatures to the text of a remarkable treaty. 

  • Niccolo Machiavelli, Italian politician 2021/02/01

    By Azin Sahabi

    Deciphering ‘maximum diplomacy’:  Machiavellianism in practice

    When it comes to Trump’s approach to Iran, the phrase “maximum pressure” declared by Mike Pompeo at The Heritage Foundation, mostly comes to mind. On the other hand, the term “maximum diplomacy” has been used in some formal and informal comments by U.S and EU officials on diplomatic relations with Iran. But what is the origin of “maximum pressure” and what does “maximum diplomacy” imply?

  • COVID-19 shadow on Sadeh 2021-01-30 17:14

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    COVID-19 shadow on Sadeh

    TEHRAN – The Zoroastrian Festival of Sadeh, like other big celebrations worldwide affected by the coronavirus pandemic, was held in Iran on Friday with a limited audience under strict health protocols.

  • Dennis Ross 2021/01/27

    By Azin Sahabi

    U.S. negotiation strategy in view of Washington Institute for Near East Policy

    In the coming weeks, TRANSITION 2021 memos by Washington Institute for Near East Policy will address the broad issues facing the Biden administration in the West Asia region.

  • Biden 2021-01-26 11:30

    By Ali A. Jenabzadeh

    Gun, with occasional music

    Things we can learn from our previous experiences with a Democratic U.S. administration

    TEHRAN- With the new U.S. administration in the office, expectations are skyrocketing for a better understanding between the country and the bureaucratic world order.

  • Estil Lagoon 2021-01-24 17:04

    By Samaneh Aboutalebi

    Visit Estil Lagoon, where the trees walk

    Wetlands all over the world are important for the environment as they are home to a big part of all species and provide a great part of the food supply.

  • iraq 2021/01/24

    By Azin Sahabi

    Baghdad explosions and the plausible new U.S. orders for the old wounds

    On Thursday morning, only a day after the inauguration of U.S. President Joe Biden, Baghdad witnessed twin suicide bombings in a busy market that killed 32 people and wounded more than 100 others. The attack took place in the same area in 2018 shortly after then-Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi declared victory over the terrorist group. As expected, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

  • Education for COVID-19 generation 2021-01-23 17:28

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Education for COVID-19 generation

    TEHRAN – As the global pandemic lurches toward a second year, numerous challenges and threats are targeting humanity, especially the education of over 1.5 billion students whose learning has been hampered due to school closures.

  • Operation Headquarters come to contain coronavirus 2021-01-12 17:49

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Operation Headquarters come to contain coronavirus

    TEHRAN – With the high prevalence of the pandemic in late October 2020, the Operation Headquarters for Coronavirus Control was established, which led to significant control of the disease in the country, as the number of high-risk “red” cities reduced from over 160 to 7.

  • کرونا 2021-01-10 17:23

    By Mehdi Garshasbi

    Pushing COVID-19 ‘toward zero deaths’

    TEHRAN - The second phase of a national plan named after martyr Qassem Soleimani will start at the beginning of the next Iranian calendar year (March 20), aiming to reduce the coronavirus deaths to zero.

  • dollar 2021-01-10 12:15

    By Ebrahim Fallahi

    Majlis decides to unify forex rates; is it a good thing?

    TEHRAN - The budget review committee of the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) has recently voted in favor of changing the foreign currency exchange rate for the import of essential goods from 42,000 rials to 175,000 rials per dollar, suggesting that the prices of essential imports should be set in accordance with the exchange rate prevailing in the Forex Management Integrated System (locally known as NIMA).

  • Capitol Hill 2021/01/09

    By M.A. Saki

    Trump’s disgraceful end

    It was too late for Americans, especially most of his fellow Republicans, to realize how dangerous Donald Trump was. 

  • Biotechnology budget rises almost 50% 2021-01-06 17:08

    By Faranak Bakhtiari

    Biotechnology budget rises almost 50%

    TEHRAN – The national budget bill for the next Iranian calendar year (starting on March 20) has proposed 4 trillion rials (around $95 million at the official rate of 42,000 rials) for biotechnology, a 47.8 percent increase compared to the current year’s budget.

  • ETF 2021-01-04 13:42

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Government's ETF approach still under debate

    According to Note 2 of the budget law of the current Iranian calendar year (began on March 20, 2020), the government is allowed to offer and sell its remaining shares in the state-owned companies in the usual way or through the exchange-traded funds (ETFs).