Cheetah cub saved from smugglers cannot return to wild

January 5, 2018 - 9:56

TEHRAN – Asiatic cheetah that was saved from an animal-trafficking gang in Tehran on December 26, 2017, cannot return to the wild at least for now, Iman Memarian, the chief veterinarian of Pardisan Rehabilitation Center said.

Parted from her family since she was 4 months old, the cheetah cub named Iran, has not received the required trainings for hunting, said Memarian, adding, female cheetahs take care of their cubs until they turn 18 months.

“I believe If we release her back to the wild, she will die,” YJC quoted him as saying on Wednesday.

The veterinarian of Pardisan Wildlife Rehabilitation Center went on to say that due to inappropriate conditions and 4 months of captivity, Iran, the Asiatic cheetah cub, is not comfortable in her new environment and is experiencing high stress, although the stress level has reduced compared to 10 days ago.

Based on her age, Iran was suffering from malnutrition when discovered but she eats properly and is in good condition overall, he noted.

The Asiatic, or Iranian, Cheetah is a critically endangered species living in the in the eastern-central arid regions of Iran.


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