Activist: We will not form coalition with non-reformists

August 13, 2019 - 23:3

TEHRAN – The deputy chief of the reformists’ policy-making council has said his respective current will not form coalition with non-reformist groups.

Speaking to Tasnim news agency in an interview published on Tuesday, Abdolvahed Mousavi Lari, who served as interior minister in the Khatami administration, said the reform front has bitter experience of forming a coalition in the previous round of parliamentary elections.

“We have this experience from the 10th Majlis. In that election, we coalesced with people who had no record being reformists, with the aim to prevent the anxious ones [also referred to as the concerned] from entering the Majlis. After they found way to the Majlis as members of the Hope List, they sided with those very people.”

He added, “Instead of adopting the path of reformists, or at least stay neutral, they climbed the ladder of reformism and then accompanied the hardline layers of principlism,” Mousavi Lari remarked.


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