600 Sunni clerics and Friday prayer leaders write to Leader; urge people to participate

June 16, 2021 - 23:37

TEHRAN — A group of Friday prayer leaders, scholars and Sunni clerics in Iran have published a letter addressed to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei announcing their readiness to participate enthusiastically in the Friday elections.

They have also invited the great nation of Iran to participate in the presidential elections.

The text of the letter is as follows:

“In the Name of God

To the Leader of the holy establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran,

As you are aware, the great nation of Iran is once again on the threshold of a fateful test in the eyes of its friends and enemies.

Elections are a manifestation of power and a clear sign of Islamism and the republic of the system, and the intelligent people of Islamic Iran will add another golden page to their list of honors on 18 June. God willing, and with maximum presence in the upcoming election scene, the people will renew allegiance with Imam Khomeini and martyrs. 

Undoubtedly, attention to the precious testaments of the late founder of the Islamic system and the enlightening wills of you as a shining torch to lead the society, can pave the way for maximum presence and defeat of the enemy and the right choice for this noble nation and a brighter future for the appreciative people of Islamic Iran. 

Explaining the conspiracies of the enemies, the wise and prudent Leader has repeatedly emphasized the maximum presence of the people at the ballot box and expressed valuable indicators and criteria for the presidential candidates and invited them to convince the people and be honest in expressing their capabilities and election slogans. You have tried to inform the people about their legal rights and religious and national duty, and it is hoped that by relying on God's grace and benefiting from these thoughtful and effective and memorable instructions from you and the presence of the grateful people, you will cause the despair for the sworn enemies. Islam and the holy system of the Islamic Republic of Iran can inspire happiness in the hearts of the lovers of the Islamic Revolution around the world.

In this regard, we, a group of Friday prayer leaders and Sunni scholars of the country as flag bearers of honor and pride and preachers of unity and integrity in Islamic Iran, while renewing allegiance with the lofty ideals of the late Imam and martyrs and responding to the orders of the wise Leader, inform you that the people of Iran, regardless of their ethnicity or religion, with a correct understanding of the sensitive situation in the world, especially the ongoing seditions of global imperialism and international Zionism in the region, believe voting is the inalienable right and duty of every Iranian to participate in determining the destiny and protection of their homeland and national values. They will never let the malevolent ones to disappoint the people by sowing differences and divisions, and the enemies cannot plunder the valuable treasures of the nation, which is the result of the blood of thousands of martyrs.

May the problems of the appreciative and loyal people be solved by electing a valuable popular and serving government, and with the increasing authority of our Islamic country, the ground for the formation of a new Islamic civilization be provided, God willing.”


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