Cleric predicts normalization with Israel will lead to collapse of regional governments

October 17, 2021 - 22:10

TEHRAN — The secretary general of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought (WFPIST) says that the thoughtless moves of some rulers of Islamic states in normalizing relations with Israel will lead to the overthrow of their governments.

Hojjatoleslam Hamid Shahriari censured the Israeli regime’s hostile acts and said Israel has been making every attempt to prevent formation of a Palestinian state.

He made the remarks at a press conference as WFPIST is set to hold the 
35th international conference entitled "Islamic Unity; Peace and Avoidance of Division and Conflict in the Islamic World.

The conference will be held from 19 October to 24 October.

The cleric said the conference will focus on just peace, Islamic brotherhood and counter-terrorism, religious freedom thinking, acceptance of religious ijtihad against takfiri thoughts and extremism, Islamic empathy and avoidance of tensions and conflicts, mutual respect between Islamic sects, observing the norms of differences and avoiding disputes, desecration and insults, clarification of the term “united ummah” and the union of Islamic countries, Palestine and the Islamic Resistance and honoring Ayatollah Mohammad Ali Taskhiri, the former Secretary-General of WFPIST, Tasnim News reported.

Shahriari said the conference will be held in person and online. He said those interested can follow the conference live through the link

The senior official went on to say "4 in-person sessions and 7 sessions on sidelines will be held in which 17 prominent personalities will give lecture in-person in 4 sessions. Also, due to the observance of health protocols, over 230 guests will attend the conference in-person, of which 52 are international guests from 16 countries and 180 are domestic guests."

Hojjatoleslam Shahriari added that the virtual lecturers number 514 from 39 countries.

The lectures would be broadcast on two virtual networks, he added. 

In the field of cyberspace, 24 webinars will be held and in each session 15 Islamic world scholars and political and social figures will speak from a total of 39 countries, and these programs would be broadcast through cyberspace, he explained.

Seminary and university professor have also announced to submit 50 scientific papers to the permanent secretariat of the international conference on Islamic unity.

"We are facing many problems in the Islamic world today, including war, division and conflict," the top cleric said, noting, "The enemies of the Islamic world and global arrogance are trying to create problems for the Islamic world."

The slogan of this year's International Conference on Islamic Unity is "peace" so that the Islamic Ummah can solve the problems in the Islamic world through empathy and synergy, Shahriari highlighted.

The purpose of the conference is that Muslims live together in peace and tranquility, work together to form a single Islamic Ummah and witness the establishment of the union of Islamic countries in peace and security.

Shahriari added: "Today, the Islamic world is grappling with several wars. We call on the personalities and scholars of the Islamic world to stand against these conspiracies. Because we see global arrogance conspiring for the region every day, our advice to world leaders is to devote all their political, social, security and cultural efforts to preventing any kind of war, violence and terror."

On the position of the conference on Afghanistan, he said: "The topic of the conference is chosen 6 months in advance so that the guests can prepare their speeches. We are still trying to have a webinar on Afghanistan and mention our position in the final statement. Our request to the Afghan authorities is to form an inclusive government."

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