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May 9, 2022 - 21:37

TEHRAN— Battling to provide minimum security for its citizens, the Israeli regime claims it has started the largest military drill in its fake history!

The irony of the sentence mentioned above has made every sensible expert laugh audibly, but the Israeli regime’s officials are drowned in their own foolishness. 

Coinciding with tensions in the Palestinian territories and the escalation of martyrdom operations, the Israeli regime on Sunday began the largest exercise - according to the regime’s media outlets - in its history.

The exercise, called "Chariots of Fire", was scheduled to take place last year but was delayed due to the Operation “Sword of Quds,” which caused a heavy blow to the Israelis. 

According to the Walla news agency, the first phase of the exercise began with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and then, based on security facts and estimates, the scope of the exercise will be expanded to include all sections of the Israeli army.

The report goes on to say that the Israeli army has recommended that no new war be waged with Gaza for the time being and has begun its major maneuver. The regime's Channel 13 also announced that the drill would simulate the war with Hezbollah and Hamas.

In the drill, the Israeli army may trash Hezbollah, but in reality, it is the resistance which always emerges victorious. 

Coinciding with the beginning of this exercise, the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip has increased its readiness. 

According to the Al-Mayadeen network, the resistance in Lebanon had previously announced that it would be highly prepared at the beginning of the regime's military exercises.

“When the Israeli exercises begin, we will be at the highest level and any stupidity or mistake will be responded to quickly and directly,” Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah warned in a speech on the occasion of International Quds Day.

It is stupid to think that a regime that has failed to provide security for its citizens would conduct a military drill to show off its power and make its citizens relax.

Israeli police have demanded those Israeli citizens that a member of their family have been killed to bury their bodies in the early hours of the day and restrict attendance to no more than 50 people at each funeral.

They also agreed there would be no inciting calls or banners and no processions, the Walla news site reported. 

Conducting several operations in occupied Palestine in response to the Israeli regime's repeated aggressions has created horror in the occupied territories.

In a four-hour meeting on Sunday, the security forces of the Israeli regime reviewed the necessary decisions and measures to confront the Palestinian resistance operations.

According to the i24News news site, the Israeli media have announced that these security talks will continue with the aim of achieving a specific strategy in the shadow of the resistance operations.

In addition, there are calls for a response to the Palestinians in Gaza, as well as aggressive actions against the people of Jenin.

Hebrew-language sources reported that during the talks Israeli security officials faced two main issues and questions. The first issue discussed by the Israeli officials is an increase in offensive operations in Jenin and neighboring cities.

According to these reports, the security officials of the regime have concluded that at this stage, almost all resistance operations begin from Jenin. 

But the Israelis are well aware that the conflict in Jenin will lead to more operations and that the military will force Palestinians to attack other areas as well.

The second issue, which has confused the Tel Aviv authorities, was the (discuss) success of the measures and the correctness of the response to the resistance operations being carried out from Gaza and the West Bank.

The Israeli regime's Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, also recently threatened to target those who encourage and support Palestinians’ operations in the occupied territories. 
Tel Aviv security officials, meanwhile, have blamed Hamas for carrying out resistance operations in the West Bank.

For this reason, reports by Hebrew sources indicate that the security officials of the Israel are hesitant to respond or not to respond to these operations, especially as the Israeli army is still fighting the Palestinians in the West Bank.

According to Israeli media, a decision on these issues will be made in the coming days, and another security meeting with members of the cabinet in Tel Aviv is expected soon.

In the face of Israeli threats and plans to escalate the conflict in the occupied territories, Palestinian resistance groups, led by Hamas, have warned Tel Aviv that they will target the Zionists if they commit the slightest mistake.

Israel has informed its allies that it is preparing to send assassination teams to assassinate Hamas leaders abroad in retaliation for operations against Israeli citizens in the past two months, sources have told The Times, a British publication.

Hamas is believed to have been warned of the impending hits by intelligence agencies in the West Asia and Europe.

At least 19 Israelis have been killed in random attacks by Palestinians since mid-March. Three people were killed and seven were injured in the most recent incident, on

Thursday, when two men leapt from a car and started swinging axes at passersby in the predominantly ultra-Orthodox town of Elad. A manhunt ended on Saturday with the arrest of two Palestinians hiding in a forest.

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