French magazine's insult to Iranian women

January 7, 2023 - 22:33

TEHRAN-- Farhikhtegan daily wrote about the insult of the French magazine Charlie Hebdo against Iranian women.

"The special edition of Charlie Hebdo, which was published on the anniversary of the attack on the office of the magazine in 2015, was the best opportunity to disgrace the fascist and racist nature of the magazine," the newspaper, that is run by the Islamic Azad University, wrote.

On the cover of the magazine, there was such a shameful insult to Iranian women that it could be a shame to the Western fascists forever, but the unprofessional response by the Iranian Foreign Ministry has turned the opportunity into a threat. Iran's Foreign Ministry condemned caricatures as an insult to the Leader and follows the case up through official and diplomatic channels which allows Paris to repeat its daily bullshit about freedom of speech and say that "Unlike Iran, there is freedom of speech in France."! 

Iran should have emphasized the magazine was "insulting Iranian women".
An ugly and naked picture of a purported Iranian woman, painted in the shape of a gorilla, is printed in the middle of the frame and is so sexually offensive and shameful that ethically it is not advisable to describe it. 

Apparently, the French racists were seeking an excuse to praise the struggles of Iranian women in these few months in order to put pressure on the Iranian government.

Now they want to withdraw from their performance. The female hero should only belong to the white and blue-eyed culture, and the rest are ultimately good barbarians against bad barbarians. Iran's government and its Foreign Ministry should not have interfered in the matter and it was not necessary to attribute the indecent cartoons to the Leader of the revolution.

Iranian women, both religious and non-religious, should be aware of the magazine's insults and start to sue the magazine. In that situation, the ministry will be tasked to follow up on their case at the international level. 

Charlie Hebdo's insult to Iranian women was beyond a specific social group; it even insulted protesters because of their Iranian roots.

On the other hand, instead of shutting down the French institute for Iranian studies, the government and the Foreign Ministry could have assigned the matter to the media to question France regarding racial and gender insults against Iranian women.

Certainly, the French orientalists would either have to condemn Charlie Hebdo or say something that would be detrimental to them in terms of publicity. 

Jam-e- Jam: Enmity against Iran goes nonstop

The Jam-e Jam newspaper reports on the recent movements of the European troika (Britain, France, and Germany) against Iran.

In recent months, the Europeans have played well their role in hostility against the Iranian nation. It is normal for Westerners to make any kind of insults against the respected values of nations in a colorful paper in the name of freedom of speech and feed them to the public opinion in the world. But when it comes their interests, they use international institutions as a tool against independent nations to provide grounds for issuing sanctions resolutions, the publication wrote.
The report mentioned the Europeans’ support for the recent moves against Iran, saying that from the very beginning of the nuclear dispute the Europeans, who have been at the side of America in the enmity with Iran, have thought of changing the tactics of the game.
The European troika tried to force the Islamic Republic to implement its JCPOA commitments with colorful but empty promises such as INSTEX and solving some of Iran’s economic problems, but they showed complete unwillingness in this regard, and the reason for this inaction was the dependence of these countries on the United States. 

Arman-e Melli: Unprecedented international pressure on Iran

Arman-e Melli’s author argued that from the beginning of the revolution until today, Iran has never been under international pressure to this extent. The Europeans use human rights tactics because they cannot directly interfere in Iran’s internal issues. This tactic is very annoying.

The paper mentioned the removal of Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) as an example.

Shargh: Three plans of the West against Iran

Pointing to the nuclear dispute between the West and Iran, Shargh wrote: The representative of Russia in Vienna while criticizing the United States and its European partners towards Iran's nuclear program, expressed concern about Plan B. Mikhail Ulyanov wrote on his Twitter page: "Allegations that Iran has sold drones to Russia are an unprofessional excuse to stop (if not end) the Vienna negotiations on the JCPOA."

The Russian envoy added: "It seems that the United States and the E3 are trying to implement Plan B, but this is a big mistake and is probably doomed to fail." 

Ulyanov refers to the willingness of the United States and the European trio (E3) that are still signatories to the 2015 nuclear agreement to use Plan B, a coercive approach that may include economic sanctions, diplomatic pressure, and even the military attack (a case that the US has been talking about for years) to solve Iran's nuclear issue.

Kayhan: Close the Strait of Hormuz

Hossein Sharyatmadari, ?the Kayhan chief editor, called for closing the Strait of Hormuz in response to the hostile policies of some Western countries toward Iran.

"Now this serious and of course this logical question is being asked (not just from Iranian diplomats in the Foreign Ministry but) of the Iranian authorities, why don't they use this legal right to make the hostile countries remorse?" he wrote.

If Iran had closed the Strait of Hormuz to oil tankers and commercial vessels with the first hostile action of the enemies and had confiscated the cargoes of some of them, the criminal enemy would not have dared to continue its crimes, the veteran journalist added.

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