NATO wants anything except peace in Ukraine

February 7, 2023 - 23:33

TEHRAN- If NATO actually wanted a ceasefire in Ukraine, there were simple solutions to end the conflict.

The U.S.-led military alliance wants to drag the war out as long as possible to contain Russia's rising economic, military, and global standing. 

Washington doesn't like competition even if that competition doesn't harm its national security interests or territorial integrity.

For example, the U.S. establishment knows China doesn't pose any military threats to America but Beijing’s advanced technological achievements, strong economic growth and expanding diplomatic ties over the past decades indicate that it will overtake the U.S. over the next ten years. Even some experts say it could take less than that. 

That goes against the goals of the U.S. hegemonic and colonial plans.

This same U.S. fear applies to Russia as well with Washington sending a steady supply of weapons to Kyiv.

The Russian Federation has regained economic, military and other geopolitical progresses similar to the Soviet days. 

It has become an international superpower and the idea of using the Donbass region or the issue of Crimea to trigger an all-out war against Russia is absurd. 
These matters could have very easily been dealt with peacefully and can still be resolved peacefully. Peace talks, a resumption of the Minsk agreements, agreeing to Russia's uncomplicated proposals for security guarantees are just some examples of to end of the war today. 

But NATO simply doesn't want peace. 

It wants to prolong the violence.

Whenever Russian forces are advancing on the ground in the Donbas in eastern Ukraine, the U.S. and NATO send more advanced and sophisticated weapons to Ukraine. 

And when Ukrainian forces advanced in the country's east late last year, NATO leaders and Western mainstream media lavished praise on Kyiv.

Western headlines spoke of an unexpected Ukrainian victory. 

But the delivery of weapons to Ukraine slowed down, drawing complaints from Kyiv.

That’s because NATO doesn’t want Ukraine to regain these territories either, which could also end the war.

Now that Russian forces (as was expected) are on the front foot again, NATO is sending its most advanced battle tanks and longer-range missiles.

But how many tanks is NATO exactly sending? 

According to many reports the combined number of main battle tanks being dispatched is around 200. 

Double that to 400 and it’s not rocket science to figure out that this number does not match Russia’s active combat tanks estimated at more than 10,000.

The tanks are also not enough to achieve a battleground victory against the Russian military as Moscow has yet to deploy its most advanced military equipment.

The NATO tanks are being sent for Ukrainian forces to continue fighting, shedding their blood and continuing the status quo on behalf of the United States.

As Western intelligence agencies assess the delivery of tanks and training Ukrainian troops will take time, Russian forces have advanced further.

That is why some NATO members (immediately after agreeing to send battle tanks) are now in talks over the delivery of warplanes to Ukraine.

Addressing diplomats on Monday, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said, "The prospects for peace keep diminishing. The chances of further escalation and bloodshed keep growing."

Those remarks will be music to the ears of the Pentagon.

"I fear the world is not sleepwalking into a wider war. I fear it is doing so with its eyes wide open." Guterres added.

Russian Security officials have said Moscow is fighting NATO and not Ukraine. 

The secretary of Moscow’s Security Council pointed out in October last year that NATO is waging war against Russia in Ukraine. 

"Actually, the NATO alliance is fighting against us and its members are providing [Kyiv] with heavy weapons, ammunition and reconnaissance data and training military specialists," Nikolay Patrushev said.

The Russian security chief noted that NATO member states "are involved in planning military operations." 

This is while the NATO chief has repeatedly called on member states to send more arms to Kyiv, even travelling to South Korea and calling on Latin American countries to play their part as some Western weapons stockpiles look like they are slowly depleting.

Moscow has repeatedly said shipping more weapons to Ukraine will only prolong the war and the suffering of the Ukrainian people, while ending the chances and options for peace talks.

But again, the United States and NATO are not interested in any peace.

Writing on social media, the Ukrainian-Canadian political scientist posted this:

“Bombshell: Former Israeli prime minister says that Western leaders blocked #Ukraine & #Russia peace deal which he negotiated on #Zelensky request in March because they wanted to continue to strike #Putin. He says that there was good chance of such deal.”

Other peace efforts spearheaded by Turkey, Iran and other countries were also swiftly blocked by the West.  

One of the methods that the U.S. and its Western allies used to block the peace efforts was to give promises to Ukraine to grant it NATO membership.

Last month, Ukraine said it has become a de-facto member of the NATO military alliance. 

Kyiv says this is because it is receiving Western arms with Ukrainian armed forces being trained to use those weapons inside the territory Western NATO countries.  

But experts say this is solely propaganda and Ukraine can never join the U.S.-led military alliance as members can only be decided by the unanimous vote of all members.

That means all the countries in Europe that are party to NATO as well as Canada and of course the United States.

NATO member Hungary has already said it has no interest in widening and expanding the war, and has strongly indicated it would veto any Ukrainian membership.

Other NATO countries have indicated the same. So, there is a zero possibility of Kyiv joining the alliance despite the sinister U.S. pledges.

Also, when a country is accepted as a NATO member the first requirement is that it should have sovereignty over its own territory.

At this moment in time, Russia has annexed four provinces of Ukraine, where ethnic Russians reside. 

Ukraine does not recognize these four provinces as part of Russia which effectively means Ukraine itself is saying it does not have sovereignty over its own territory and therefore it is not eligible for membership in NATO.

If NATO were to violate its own charter and force the membership of Ukraine against the wishes of Hungary and possibly result in Hungary leaving NATO and Ukraine does become a member then that will mean NATO will automatically be at a state of war.

That would result in all NATO members declaring war with Russia because the territory of the country NATO recognizes as Ukraine is currently annexed by Russia. 

The entire process is ridiculous as NATO members have time and again declared their reluctance to enter in a war with Russia.

The only NATO mission in this war is to contain Russia's growing power, cut its energy to Europe and more importantly make lucrative profits for the Western arms manufacturing companies.


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