By Setareh Behroozi

INOTEX, festivity of bright ideas under one roof

June 12, 2019 - 20:31

TEHRAN – Young entrepreneurs at their small stands is the first encounter of any visitor of the 8th International Innovation and Technology Exhibition, INOTEX 2019.

The glittering eyes of entrepreneurs, explaining about their new emerging business, promises better days for Iran in the future, which reminds you of the motto of this edition “Innovation Ecosystem under One Roof”.

As an important part of the innovation ecosystem, the young entrepreneurs presented their startups at the INOJAVAN, a section of the exhibition, which includes a series of stands at the center of the Persian Gulf hall of the fairground.

Organized by the vice presidency for science and technology, Iran National Technomart and the Center for Progress and Development of Iran, INOTEX was held from June 9 to 12 at the Tehran Permanent International Fairground.

The event was held in ten different fields including biotechnology, equipment, information technology, oil and gas, renewable energies and nanotechnology.

As the organizers announced, about 200 startups, 100 knowledge-based companies, 14 inventors and 12 science and technology parks attended the event.

Different sections of INOTEX met different demands of startup ecosystem. At the INOTEX Stage, the speakers held sessions on challenges and opportunities of innovation ecosystem.

A section named Sarmayeh Café provided an opportunity for the entrepreneurs and startup owners in order to attract investors by holding meeting.

At the INOTEX Peach, another section of the event, startup owners competed with each other in the presence of judges and investors.

The exhibition provided a place for establishing a network between those who are active in entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem of Iran.

Though the active presence of foreign participants is felt missing in this edition. The number of pavilions for other countries were very limited and some of them were empty.

Due to imposed sanctions, the number of foreign participants decreased in this edition, the secretary of the event Akbar Qanbarpour said in an interview with Iran newspaper on Wednesday.

The festival paved the way to develop cooperation between companies and startups and solve the challenges in the innovation ecosystem.

Over 400 startups, startup accelerators, technology parks, innovators, incubator centers, venture capitals, and mentors attended the event.

The INOTEX, one of the leading events for professional engaged in technology and innovation, hosted over 1000 participants from 25 countries during the past seven editions.

During this edition, the first Asia-Pacific innovation Forum was held on the sidelines of the INOTEX 2019 on June 9.

The Forum is relevant to technology startups addressing sustainable development challenges, policymakers working on technology start-up strategies, leaders of technology parks, and public and private institutions investing in and supporting technology start-up development.

The simultaneity of the event with the INOTEX2019 will be a great opportunity for companies and start-ups at the exhibition to develop the product market and find new customers and partners in the international community.

Passing the aisles of the exhibition, you overflow with feeling of youth and freshness. Most of participants are young boys and girls who want to propose a different solution for everyday challenges. Who knows, may be life become easier and more pleasant with their brilliant ideas!


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