‘No change in U.S. Iran strategy with change of president’

November 2, 2020 - 14:33

TEHRAN – Chief of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization has said that Washington’s strategy toward Iran will not change no matter who sits at the White House.

“The policy of America policy against Iran will not change under any circumstances with the election of its president whether Democrat or Republican,” Gholamreza Jalali said on Saturday, the Mehr news agency reported. 

The remarks by the brigadier general came as the United States is set to hold presidential elections on Tuesday, November 3.

Officials in Tehran have said it does not matter who will take the helm in Washington. They say just approaches change against Iran.

Jalali also answered questions why “Active Resistance, Amazing Resilience, Strong and Powerful Iran” has been selected by the Civil Defense Organization, saying, “The motto is inspired by the sublime recommendations of Leader of the Islamic Revolution. When enemy became frustrated with the military option against the country, it started a strategy of all-out pressure against the Islamic Republic of Iran. Among all existing strategies against this all-out pressure, the strategy of active resistance was put on the agenda with the sublime instruction of Leader of the Islamic Revolution.”

He also pointed to the unprecedented sanctions pressure against Iran by the United States, saying, “Under such circumstances, we could maintain the basic functions and independence of the country despite spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country.”

Jalali also pointed to civil defense, saying, “Civil defense is a concept that has existed in the past and is considered as a kind of civilian part of defense in all countries.”

Also on Saturday, Jalali said since the enemies, including the U.S., have realized that they are not able to confront counter Iran militarily, they are seeking a cyber-war against Iran’s primary infrastructure, including power generation.

“Since the enemy has become disappointed of military confrontation with Islamic Iran due to high defense and deterrence capability and firm determination” they have changed the tact and are seeking cyberwar on the country’s primary infrastructure, Jalali said at the presence of TAVANIR managing director Hossein Motavalizadeh and some other power industry managers.

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