Leader condemns acts of aggression in Afghanistan, Palestine

May 12, 2021 - 14:55

TEHRAN— In a virtual speech with the students late on Tuesday, the Leader of the Islamic Revolution condemned acts of aggression in Kabul and Jerusalem, stating that Israel only understands the language of force.

Referring to the Israelis’ brutal attacks against defenseless Palestinians in Al-Aqsa Mosque, Ayatollah Khamenei stated that these crimes occurred in front of the world's eyes, and everyone must do its duty by condemning them.

"Israel only understands the language of force," the Leader said.

Although expressing deep sorrow for the atrocities, the Leader praised the Palestinian people for their alertness, tenacity, and determination in confronting the regime's crimes.

He urged the Palestinians to increase their power and resistance to force the criminals to surrender and "stop the barbaric acts."

'May God damn the criminals who martyred innocent Afghans'

Elsewhere in his remarks, he discussed the explosion at Kabul, praying that "May God's damnation befall the criminals who started a bloodshed on innocent Afghan teenage girls."

On Saturday, two explosions shook the Dasht –e Barchi neighborhood, leaving heavy casualties, including 85 dead and 147 injured.

An eyewitness told Reuters all but seven or eight of the victims were schoolgirls going home after finishing their studies.


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