Iran diplomat meets high-profile Bolivian authorities to strengthen ties

February 26, 2023 - 22:40

TEHRAN- Iran’s deputy foreign minister for political affairs, Ali Bagheri Kani, held talks with Bolivian officials as a part of his tour to South America.

During his visit, Bagheri Kani had separate talks with the vice president and the foreign minister of Bolivia. 

While highlighting the growth of political ties and international collaboration between the two nations, Bagheri Kani called for Bolivia’s involvement in establishing a new global order based on multilateralism during a meeting with Rogelio Mayta, Bolivia’s foreign minister.

Bolivia’s foreign minister welcomed the Iranian side’s proposal during the meeting and said that ties between the two states are cordial and friendly, and that both nations share a commitment to fighting imperialism and advancing human rights.

At a meeting with the vice president of Bolivia, Bagheri Kani emphasized the parties’ capacity to advance relations, particularly in the economic sphere, while outlining the positive links between the two countries.

He also advocated for greater bilateral collaboration in international forums, as well as cooperation for a new world order focused on multilateralism.

Iran’s economic, scientific, and industrial capabilities were also brought up during the meeting by Bolivia’s vice president, who also stated that Bolivia wants to strengthen its connections with Iran, particularly in the area of trade.

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