Iranian interior ministry says not to restrict legal rallies

January 1, 2018 - 19:43

TEHRAN – Bahram Sarmast, director general of the political department at the Interior Ministry, said on Monday that it is not the ministry’s approach to restrict legal rallies or refrain from issuing permission in this respect.

During a press conference, he said that no demand to hold rallies has been made to his ministry in recent days.

The Interior Ministry has “positive approach” towards issuing permission to hold legal rallies, he noted.

Since Thursday, groups of protesters have held rallies in several cities across the country to voice their anger over rising prices, unemployment and corruption.

In his first reaction to protests, Rouhani told a cabinet meeting on Sunday that people should express their grievances in a way that it would lead to better living condition for citizens and investment in the country.

He said that the Iranian people are completely free to express their criticism of the government or stage protests according to the Constitution and citizenship rights, and in a way that would lead to the improvement of the country's conditions.

Certain political officials in the U.S., including President Trump, have been misusing the protest rallies in Iran to make accusations against Iran despite the fact that U.S. allies in certain countries in the region including Saudi Arabia are not allowed to make the slightest protest against the ruling systems. 


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