Iran, Philippines sign agreement on sci-tech cooperation

April 14, 2019 - 22:49

TEHRAN – The Iranian vice presidency for science and technology and the department of science and technology of the Philippines signed an agreement on Sunday to boost cooperation in different scientific and technological fields, IRNA reported.

The secretary of the department of science and technology of the Philippines, Fortunato de la Peña, met with the vice president for science and technology, Sourena Sattari, in Tehran.

The agreement aims to develop and boost cooperation according to the laws of two countries.

Iran enjoys great improvement in different fields of technology and Philippine is eager to boost cooperation with the country in the fields of agricultural biotechnology, nanotechnology, medical and pharmaceutical achievements, Fortunato de la Peña said.

As a country with knowledge of important fields like nanotechnology, Iran can have a great impact on the Philippines’ technology, he added.

“We have also provide a list for international events in the field of nanotechnology and Iran can participate as one of the main actors in this field,” he said.

The Philippines also has some developments in the field of renewable energy in recent years, he said.

The agricultural biotechnology of the countries lead to sustainable cooperation between two countries, he added.

Fortunato de la Peña said that his country has a modern research center, which can provide innovative facilities for researches.

During the meeting, Sattari said that the two parts plan to provide a joint committee to provide scientific and technological infrastructures.

The meeting paves the way for further cooperation in the field of new emerging technologies, knowledge-based companies and startups of the two countries.

Iran has a great professional and innovative human resources who can provide sustainable interaction with other countries, he added.

The establishment of science and technology parks, innovation factories, incubator centers, startup accelerators, which are provided in an innovation ecosystem, are on top agenda of the agreement, he said.

The agreement also provide opportunity for joint exhibitions and scientific and technology events, he added.

Iran boasts 41 science and technology parks, 4200 knowledge-based companies and over 6000 startups, which aims to develop knowledge economy in the country, he said.


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