Zakani vows to establish ‘ministry of family’

June 12, 2021 - 8:28

TEHRAN — Presidential candidate Alireza Zakani said on Friday that if he succeeds in the presidential race, he will establish a ministry for the family, children, and teenagers and youth which will be run by a female minister.

In a meeting with a group of women on Friday, Alireza Zakani stated that the “train of change” in society is based on culture, adding, “The role of women in the family is very important and they need protection. In addition, the role of women in society is very fundamental and important.”

Zakani continued by saying that currently there are 3.5 million female heads of households in the country, a small number of whom have insurance. Also, there are 21 million housewives in the country who, if trained to achieve a good family, will see a serious change in Iranian culture. 

He expressed hope that the Islamic Republic can have a new model of women's presence and protect their rights in the family and society.


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