Raisi: If Tel Aviv commits slightest mistake, Iran will respond at heart of Israel

April 18, 2022 - 11:29

TEHRAN – President Ebrahim Raisi warned on Monday that if Israel commits the slightest military adventure against Iran, the Islamic Republic will respond at the heart of the Zionist regime.

Raisi issued the warning as the Iranian Army held an annual military parade.

“If Israel is seeking normalization with certain regional countries, they should know that their least moves will not remain hidden from the eyes of our security forces, and if they commit the slightest mistake our response will be at the core of this regime and our armed forces will not let them live in tranquility,” Raisi asserted.

During the military parade, Iran also unveiled surface-to-surface missiles and air defense systems.

The president said the Iranian Army used the sanctions against the Islamic Republic as the best opportunity to achieve self-sufficiency in defense industry and increase its military power.

“Today, the military industry of our country… are in best condition,” Raisi remarked.

The president also lauded the unity and empathy between the Army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC), calling them the “two powerful arms of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief”.

The cooperation between the Army and the IRGC is “exemplary”, he added.

The president says Iran “will not initiate any war” but it will give a “remorseful and crushing response” to any act of aggression against the country.

Constitutionally, Leader of the Islamic Revolution is commander-in-chief of the armed forces.

The president also said the “readiness” of the Iranian army in the face of military threats send a “message of hope” to the lovers of the Islamic Revolution and a “message of deterrence” to the enemies. 

Elsewhere in his remarks, the president said Iran “will not initiate any war” but it will give a “remorseful and crushing response” to any act of aggression against the country.

He also spoke of the high readiness of the Iranian military and their intelligence supremacy over regional and international developments.

The president also said the Iranian armed forces are gifted with spirituality, faithfulness and readiness to take risk in the face of enemy.

The Iranian armed forces are skillful, revolutionary, high-spirited who are ready to defend the Islamic Republic system under the command of the Leader, the president added.

He went on to say, “Today, our military capability is famous not only in the region but also in the world.”

Raisi also said “revolutionary people” are the most important components of power in the Islamic Republic.

The president also pointed to the bravery of armed forces during Saddam Hussein’s war against Iran in the 1980s, warning all those who may have formulated an illusion in their mind to face off the Islamic Republic should take lessons from the fate of Saddam Hussein.

He said Saddam failed in the face of Iran’s resistance despite the fact that his army was provided with advanced arms and intelligence about the positions of Iran’s armed forces.

Raisi pointed to the remarks by the White House officials who have openly acknowledge that their maximum pressure against the Islamic Republic have ended in failure. 

The Iranian president also lauded the performance of the army in helping the people during the Covid-19 pandemic and their assistance to people in case of natural disasters such as earthquake.

Iran unveils surface-to-surface missiles, air defense systems

During the military parade on Army Day, the surface-to-surface Fath 360 and Labeik missiles as well as the Dezful and Majid air defense systems were also unveiled.

Iran has made great breakthroughs in manufacturing arms such as long-range precision guided ballistic missiles and advanced air defense weapons. 

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