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  • Mohammad Ghaderi 2018-08-11 11:17

    By Mohammad Ghaderi - Twitter: @ghaderi62 - Email:

    Decoding of the UN's silence about Yemen

    The release of bitter and shocking news related to the mercenary martyrdom of 57 Yemeni students and the wounding of 77 people in Saudi Arabia's missile strike on a bus carrying innocent students has provoked anger at the international community from politicians and soldiers in Saudi Arabia and supporters of Riyadh. What exactly is happening in Yemen?

  • Iran rejects OIC accusations, denounces ‘Saudi-Emirati war crime’ in Yemen 2018-08-10 21:05

    Iran rejects OIC accusations, denounces ‘Saudi-Emirati war crime’ in Yemen

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry on Thursday rejected accusations by the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) as “worthless”; it also said airstrike on a school bus in Yemen on Thursday constituted an example of the Saudi-UEA “war crime”.

  • Zarif: Trump, MBS, Netanyahu ‘are symbols of mistrust, violence, suppression’ 2018-08-06 20:25

    Price volatility is result of psychological warfare on Iran, FM Zarif notes

    Zarif: Trump, MBS, Netanyahu ‘are symbols of mistrust, violence, suppression’

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Monday that those who violate international agreements, easily infringe on the rights of the Palestinian people, and take the prime minister of another country hostage are the symbols of “mistrust, violence and suppression” in the world.

  • Arab NATO 2018-08-06 12:44

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    Iran today is a trans-regional power: Yemeni Expert

    TEHRAN - Recently, American and Arab sources have been reporting about U.S. President Donald Trump's efforts to forge a new political and security coalition with some Persian Gulf states (Saudi Arabia, UAE and Bahrain), Egypt and Jordan to counter Iran. The White House wants to strengthen collaboration with these countries in the field of missile defense, military training, counter-terrorism and other issues, such as supporting regional economic and diplomatic relations.

  • Saudi Arabia issues visa for head of Iran interests section 2018-08-06 10:27

    Saudi Arabia issues visa for head of Iran interests section

    TEHRAN – An informed source announced on Sunday that Saudi Arabia has agreed to grant visa to head of the interests section of Iran at the Saudi kingdom

  • بهرام قاسمی 2018-08-04 19:29

    Iran to open interest section in Riyadh

    TEHRAN – After years of diplomatic blackout between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Tehran plans to soon open an interest section in Riyadh. 

  • نادر انتصار 2018-07-31 12:49

    By Payman Yazdani

    Forming alliance among PGCC member states is an illusory idea: Entessar

    TEHRAN - Professor of political science says the "Arab world" today is a patchwork of competing countries and forming an enduring alliance among the Arab states of the Persian Gulf is an illusory idea concocted by the U.S.

  • MP: Riyadh creating conflicts to escape democracy 2018-07-30 09:39

    MP: Riyadh creating conflicts to escape democracy

    TEHRAN – Saudi Arabia has been trying to escape democracy by creating conflicts, namely supporting the Daesh (ISIL) terrorist group and attacking Yemen, Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee Chairman Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said on Sunday.

  • Osman Faruk Loğoğlu 2018-07-29 12:12

    By Payman Yazdani

    Saudi is playing with sectarian card in Iraq: Logoglu

    TEHRAN - Turkish politician says Saudi Arabia’s move toward Erbil aims to reduce Iran and Turkey influence in Iraq to break up the country in coordination with the U.S. and Israel.

  • saudi 2018-07-27 20:36

    Tehran calls Saudi envoy’s claims ‘farcical’

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Thursday saying claims made by the Saudi Ambassador to Washington are “hollow” and “farcical” which do not worth response.

  • ‘Israel after division of Muslim states including S. Arabia’ 2018-07-23 09:51

    ‘Israel after division of Muslim states including S. Arabia’

    TEHRAN – Hossein Amir Abdollahian, a senior foreign policy advisor to the parliament speaker, said on Sunday that Tel Aviv aspires to disintegrate Islamic countries, and Saudi Arabia is not an exception.

  • jalali 2018-07-15 10:15

    ‘60% of anti-Iran elements in cyberspace are in Saudi’

    TEHRAN - Gholam Reza Jalali, chief of the Civil Defense Organization, said on Saturday that about 60 percent of Persian-speaking anti-revolution elements in cyberspace are based in Saudi Arabia.

  • Iran-India 2018-07-12 13:13

    India to lose special privileges if it cuts oil imports from Iran, warns Iranian envoy

    TEHRAN - The political and diplomatic tension between New Delhi and Tehran is heating up over reports that India was planning to cut oil imports from Iran under the U.S. pressure. Following the reports, many ambiguous statements have come from Indian authorities, without confirming or denying anything.

  • Iran oil 2018-07-11 12:05

    Iran oil removal to take Saudi regime, oil market into unknown

    TEHRAN– Reuters market analyst John Kemp has warned against the consequences of Iran’s oil removal from the global markets.

  • Saudi Arabia, the UAE footprint in Eritrea, Ethiopia rapprochement 2018-07-11 10:47

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    Saudi Arabia, the UAE footprint in Eritrea, Ethiopia rapprochement

    TEHRAN - The reconciliation between Ethiopia and Eretria after 20 years is top news in the African continent.

  • صادرات نفت ایران 2018-07-10 21:08

    India will lose 'special privileges' if it buys crude from Saudi Arabia, U.S.: Iranian diplomat

    Iran will end “special privileges” for India if New Delhi tried to replace Iranian crude with supplies from Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United States, said a senior Iranian diplomat in New Delhi on July 10.

  • larijani 2018-07-10 10:17

    Regional states able to settle disputes through consultation: Larijani

    TEHRAN - Iranian Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Sunday that there is no need for interference of foreigners in the affairs of countries in the Middle East.

  • Zakzaky 2018-07-10 10:11

    By: Syed Zafar Mehdi

    'Zaria massacre was orchestrated in Israel, bankrolled by Saudi, executed by Nigerian government'

    TEHRAN - Ibrahim Musa is the President of Media Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN). In this interview with Tehran Times, he talks about the illegal incarceration of IMN leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and brutal clampdown on the movement by the Mohammad Buhari government.

  • mousavian 2018-07-09 20:53

    Iran will resist U.S. intimidation: Princeton researcher

    TEHRAN - Hossein Mousavian, a Princeton University researcher, has said that Iran will resist the U.S. policy of intimidation and intervention.

  • Saudi Arabia 2018-07-09 11:12

    By Farzad Farhadi

    "Deal of the Century"; the dream that will not be interpreted

    TEHRAN - The plan that allegedly brings an end to the 70-year-old Palestinian-Israeli conflict has been dubbed the “deal of the century”. It is no such thing.

  • Saudi Arabia 2018-07-07 14:10

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    Saudis fail to make headway in Iraq

    TEHRAN - While nearly two months have passed since the 2018 parliamentary election in Iraq, Riyadh continues to cross the line and meddle in Baghdad’s internal affairs.

  • Saudia Arabia - Trump 2018-07-05 13:37

    By Farzad Farhadi

    Saudis cave to Trump demands to pump more oil

    TEHRAN - The hostile moves of the United States against Iran are going on in all dimensions, in particular the economic one.

  • ‘I hope Saudis won’t accuse Yemenis of importing tunnels from Iran’ 2018-07-05 12:14

    ‘I hope Saudis won’t accuse Yemenis of importing tunnels from Iran’

    TEHRAN – Chief of Yemen’s Supreme Revolutionary Committee has pointed to the recently broadcasted images of the Yemeni underground launch pads used for retaliatory missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, saying “I hope they [Saudis] don’t accuse Yemenis of importing tunnels from Iran.”

  • yemen 2018-07-04 16:09

    Saudi air raid on wedding party in Yemen is a ‘war crime’: Iran

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Wednesday that the Saudi-led airstrike on a wedding ceremony in Yemen which left 11 people killed is an instance of “war crime”.

  • Yemen 2018-07-04 11:47

    By Fatemeh Salehi

    Yemeni missile power surprising aggressors

    The Rocketry Force of the Yemeni Army and Popular Committees on Friday said that it produced new, domestically-manufactured ballistic missiles that were made by Yemeni experts. It claimed that a new experiment, on a short-range ballistic missile, was done successfully.

  • IRGC chief: ‘Arab Jahiliyyah coalition’ facing defeat in Yemen 2018-07-02 21:28

    IRGC chief: ‘Arab Jahiliyyah coalition’ facing defeat in Yemen

    TEHRAN – Chief of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) said on Monday that the “Arab Jahiliyyah coalition” is facing “defeat” and “disgrace” in Yemen.

  • Hossein Askari 2018-07-02 11:36

    By Javad Heirannia

    U.S. foreign policy is now for sale: Askari

    TEHRAN – Professor Hossein Askari, an expert on Saudi Arabia who also teaches international business at the George Washington University, believes that “Mohammad bin Salman has very likely promised Jared Kushner billions of dollars if Trump delivers on a few things wanted by the Al-Sauds—a withdrawal from the JCPOA, the re-imposition of sanctions on Iran to collapse the Iranian economy, covert operations against the regime in Tehran, support for Saudi interventions in Yemen, Syria and anywhere else to confront Iran—all with the goal of regime change in Tehran.”

  • اینفومهر گفتگوی تفصیلی مهر با سخنگوی وزارت خارجه 2018-06-29 21:16

    Iran: Saudi Arabia and U.S. must be held accountable for human tragedy in Yemen

    Iran on Friday hit back at U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over his latest comments about the Islamic Republic's role in the Middle East, saying countries such as Saudi Arabia which have waged war on Yemen with a support by the U.S. must be held accountable for human tragedy in Yemen.

  • India 2018-06-28 12:17

    India is now the most dangerous country in world for women: TRF

    India has earned the dubious distinction of being the most dangerous place in the world for women, surpassing even countries like Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

  • qassemi 2018-06-27 16:45

    Iran urges international bodies to stop Saudi ‘war crimes’ in Yemen

    TEHRAN – The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi on Tuesday condemned an intensified bombardments of Yemeni people by the Saudi-led coalition and urged international bodies to stop the Saudi-UAE “war crimes” in Yemen.