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  • Intelligence Ministry arrests elements behind unrest 2018-01-24 20:19

    Iran nips Saudi-pushed terror attack in bud

    TEHRAN – Iranian Intelligence Ministry agents have nipped in bud a Saudi-operated scheme to carry out terrorist bombing in the Islamic Republic.

  •  Yemen 2018-01-20 09:48

    Story of endless suffering in Yemen

    Nearly 3 years have passed since the Saudi invasions of the defenseless people of Yemen. This is while the war crimes committed in this country are barely seen elsewhere throughout history.

  • Britain 2018-01-20 04:29

    By Joe Odell

    Britain should take inspiration from Norway's principled stance on the UAE

    The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently announced it has suspended sales of arms and ammunition to the United Arab Emirates.

  • Saudi Arabia 2018-01-19 01:09

    By David Gardner

    How Trump’s Jerusalem move compromises fragile ally Jordan

    Of all the acts of political vandalism Donald Trump has committed during his first year in the White House, among the most gratuitous was his decision last month to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It thereby foreclosed on any possible two-state outcome to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in which the occupied Arab east of the holy city would become the capital of an independent Palestine.

  • رقص شمشیر ترامپ 2018-01-17 10:08

    By Former U.S. Diplomat

    Saudi burden on America’s shoulders; is it really worth it?

    One of the hottest topics presented and talked about by Donald Trump during his campaign trail was the necessity of a meaningful decrease in the expenses the US bears in the foreign relations and to encourage allies to pay their share.

  • rouhani 2018-01-16 20:05

    Rouhani urges Islamic states to reduce dependence on foreigners

    TEHRAN – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that it is necessary that Islamic countries abandon division and reduce dependence on foreigners through reliance on domestic capacities.

  • Iran 2018-01-16 04:45

    By Abu Yahya Al Hassani

    What happening in Persia

    The latest unrest in Iran was not by no means worse than what happened to the country during the Shah time and later during Saddam Hussein’s ruling in Iraq.

  • لیگ قهرمانان آسیا 2018-01-13 19:56

    Saudi Arabia, the UAE mix politics with sports

    There is "no justification" for direct government intervention in the governance of the game, but it seems Saudi Arabia and the UAE are adamant to reaffirm their stance which is NOT playing in Iran and Qatar.

  • Mousavian 2018-01-06 12:33

    By Seyyed Hossein Mousavian

    Contrasting leadership styles in the Saudi-Iran conflict

    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) is steadily consolidating power in Riyadh and positioning himself to become the most powerful ruler in Saudi history. His rise has been accompanied with a ratcheting up of hostilities against Iran and even war rhetoric. As Saudi-Iran tensions increase, the lived experiences and leadership styles of the 78-year-old Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and 32-year-old MBS will decide the future of peace and stability in the region.

  • CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia behind protests: Iran’s prosecutor 2018-01-05 19:59

    CIA, Israel, Saudi Arabia behind protests: Iran’s prosecutor

    TEHRAN – Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran's prosecutor general, said on Thursday that the CIA, the Zionists and Saudi Arabia were behind the recent unrest in various cities across the country. 

  • Mazhari 2018-01-03 10:24

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    What makes Iran stronger than Saudi Arabia?

    TEHRAN - After the return of economic prosperity in Lebanon, Saad Hariri declared his resignation in Saudi Arabia, citing Iranian influence across the region and claiming he feared the same fate as his assassinated father if he remained leader. That was the spark that ignited the fire of war against Iran and served to remind the Lebanese of their civil war in which many lives were lost. Subsequently Hariri suspended his resignation after two weeks which prompted many questions and suspicion.

  • Security chief blames S. Arabia for Iran unrest 2018-01-02 19:54

    Security chief blames S. Arabia for Iran unrest

    TEHRAN – The recent riots in Iran were fueled by “proxy war” against Iran by certain countries including Saudi Arabia, secretary of the Iranian Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Monday.

  • حمیدرضا آصفی 2017-12-31 11:47

    Ex-diplomat: U.S., Saudis seeking to misuse civil protests in Iran

    TEHRAN – Backed by the U.S., the Saudi regime is trying to take advantage of the civil protests and freedom of expression in Iran to achieve its political objectives and foment chaos, a former Iranian ambassador and Foreign Ministry spokesperson has warned.

  • UAE 2017-12-31 09:12

    By Osama Abu Irshaid

    The UAE’s destructive policies… Why?

    In a matter of a few days, the UAE created two diplomatic crises with Turkey and Tunisia. This has been added to its shameful record in the region and its destruction of its structure.

  • Cleric: Saudis should be ‘shameful’ of Yemen massacre 2017-12-30 08:44

    Cleric: Saudis should be ‘shameful’ of Yemen massacre

    TEHRAN – Tehran's interim Friday prayer leader strongly criticized Saudi Arabia's attacks on Yemen that has caused a disastrous situation in the poor Arab country, urging Riyadh to stop killing people, IRNA reported.

  • Saudi Arabia 2017-12-29 02:28

    The ruler in the new kingdom will be the embodiment of the state, and citizens will lose every voice they once had, whether traditional or modern By Basheer Nafi

    In MbS's kingdom, Saudis will see what despotism is really like

    For decades, no Saudi ruler has drawn world attention the way the current crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has done. Interest in him is not confined to the Arab world but has gripped the entire world.

  • Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi 2017-12-27 20:02

    Iran condemns recent Saudi bombing of Yemeni civilians

    TEHRAN – Iran has strongly condemned a deadly Saudi air raid against a marketplace in the Yemeni city of Ta’izz.

  • KSA, UAE have failed in Yemen: advisor 2017-12-22 21:09

    KSA, UAE have failed in Yemen: advisor

    TEHRAN – Hossein Amir Abdollahian, a senior foreign policy advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker, on Friday condemned Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for their wary on Yemen, saying the two countries have failed to achieve their goals in Yemen despite U.S. support.

  • علی عبدالله صالح 2017-12-19 12:13

    By Hossein Yari

    A contemplation on fate of Ali Abdullah Saleh

    TEHRAN _ It was in March of 2015 that the extensive rampage of Saudi Arabia and its allies against Yemen started. The purpose of this attack was to seize Yemen, retaliate against the Yemeni revolutionaries and manage the developments of Sanaa after the revolution.

  • air raid on Yemeni wedding ceremony 2017-12-18 20:14

    Iran condemns air raid on Yemeni wedding ceremony

    TEHRAN - Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned on Sunday Saudi airstrike on a wedding ceremony in Yemen which left over 10 people killed.

  • پرچم داعش 2017-12-16 12:21

    Arms supplied by U.S., Saudi ended up with Islamic State, researchers say

    Arms provided by the United States and Saudi Arabia to Syrian opposition groups frequently ended up in the hands of Islamic State, an arms monitoring group that analyzed weapons found on the battlefield said on Thursday.

  • Zarif renews Iran’s calls for ceasefire in Yemen 2017-12-16 00:35

    U.S.-ISIS arms link shows hypocrisy ‘knows no bounds’, Zarif says

    TEHRAN – Iran has denounced the United States for repeated accusations against Iran while its own weapons have “ended up in the hands of ISIS.”

  • Semih Idiz 2017-12-13 10:09

    By Payman Yazdani

    Turkish expert: Egypt stance toward Iran affected by Cairo-Riyadh ties 

    TEHRAN _ Turkish Political analyst Semih Idiz says Cairo's position on Iran is driven not only by its close ties to Saudi Arabia, but because as a major Arab power it is also concerned about the increasing Iranian influence in the Middle East.

  • آنتونیو گوترش- کراپ شده 2017-12-11 12:52

    Guterres: Stop the 'stupid war' in Yemen

    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called Sunday for a renewed push to end the "stupid war" in Yemen, saying he hoped the Trump administration could pressure Saudi Arabia to ease the humanitarian crisis there, AFP reported.

  • rouhani 2017-12-10 20:23

    Rouhani urges Saudi to stop bowing to Israel

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani of Iran said on Sunday that Saudi Arabia should stop bombarding Yemen and begging to have ties with the Zionist regime of Israel.

  • zarif 2017-12-08 20:30

    By staff and agency

    Time for Saudis to produce prosperity rather than terrorists: Zarif

    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has said that it’s time for Saudi Arabia to start producing “prosperity” rather than “terrorist organizations and dictators”.

  • rouhani 2017-12-06 20:54

    Admission of Saudi Arabia’s ties with Israel is painful: Rouhani

    TEHRAN – In an indirect reference by Saudi Arabia which has tacitly admitted it has ties with Israel, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that an acknowledgement by “certain regional countries” for having ties with Israel is “painful”.

  • Hossein Askari 2017-12-05 10:24

    By Javad Heirannia

    Saudi Arabia has a weak army: Hossein Askari

    TEHRAN – A senior expert in Arab affairs who teaches international business at George Washington University is of the view that “But Saudi Arabia, with a weak army, sees Egypt and Jordan as source of military manpower.”

  • Mohammad Ghaderi 2017-12-04 21:09

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Union of Iranians against Washington and Riyadh

    TEHRAN _ In recent months, we have been witnessing the unification of the United States and Saudi Arabia against the regional policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

  • Simbar 2017-12-04 10:32

    By Reza Simbar

    Saudi Petro-terrorism Serving U.S. Policies

    TEHRAN _ The unreasonable and unwise racism of Riyadh in the region has shown itself in Saudi Arabia's foreign policy. This has also had a direct impact on Saudi Arabia's speeches and decisions in the field of international and regional affairs. In this regard, we are faced with a term called Petro Terrorism. Saudi petro-terrorism means using the regime's petrodollars to support various terrorist groups, which are mainly used to fight and restrain Iran and anti-Zionist movements in the region.