• This image, depicting military men, is from a frieze originally located at a royal palace in Susa, southwest Iran, (one of the Achaemenid Empire’s four capital cities).  It is now maintained at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. Scholars believe the frieze depicts members of Xerxes' personal bodyguard (called the Immortals).
)Photo Credit: Mohammed Shamma/Flickr( 2020-03-03 19:15

    Susa, once capital of Elamite, Achaemenid empires

    TEHRAN – Now sprawling in the southwest of modern Iran, Susa is one of the oldest yet magnificent cities in the world.

  • COVID-19 cancels ITB Berlin 2020  2020-02-29 20:10

    COVID-19 cancels ITB Berlin 2020 

    TEHRAN – International Tourism Fair (ITB) Berlin has been canceled due to the spread of the novel coronavirus, known as COVID-19, organizers said on Friday.

  • Strait of Hormuz 2019-12-04 11:08

    By Maryam Khormaei

    Why Germany turned its back on parallel coalitions in Strait of Hormuz

    Germany recently announced it will not join the French-led mission in the Strait of Hormuz. This is while, not long ago, Berlin’s lack of support for Paris’s position on “the brain death of NATO” became a hot issue.

  • Star-shaped deer-tile, ceramic, Kashan, Iran, 13th century 2019-08-21 19:13

    Berlin exhibit to turn spotlight on medieval, modern ceramics from Iran 

    TEHRAN – Dozens of medieval and modern Iranian ceramics, selected from two German collections, will go on display at the Bumiller Collection, Studio X-Berg, in Berlin from September 12 to November 30.

  • Angela Merkel 2019-07-24 14:39

    By Saeed Sobhani

    End to Mrs. Chancellor!

    The ambiguous fate of the European Union 

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel is approaching the end of her power in Berlin and the European Union. Another less commonplace in the European Union and the eurozone is Merkel as the most powerful politician in this collection!

  • A poster for the 4th Iranian Studies Forum, which will be held at the Iran House in Berlin from June 28 to 30. 2019-06-18 18:48

    Berlin meeting to discuss Iran’s artistic heritage in German scholars’ studies

    TEHRAN – The cultural and artistic heritage of Iran in studies carried in the German-speaking countries will be discussed in the 4th Iranian Studies Forum, which will be held at the Iran House in Berlin from June 28 to 30.

  • Berlin workshop 2019-05-12 13:27

    Iranian professors, experts attend research management workshop in Berlin

    TEHRAN – Iranian professors and researchers attended an international workshop on research management in Berlin, Germany, on Friday.

  • Berlin, Copenhagen universities assist Tappeh-Kheibar excavations 2018-09-29 21:49

    Berlin, Copenhagen universities assist Tappeh-Kheibar excavations

    TEHRAN – Experts from Berlin and Copenhagen universities along with their Iranian fellows have recently commenced several excavations at Tappeh-Kheibar, one of abundant archaeological sites in Ravansar county, western Iran.

  • Angela Merkel and Trump 2018-04-20 12:50

    By Hanif Ghaffari

    Berlin and Washington consult over the JCPOA

    TEHRAN - "Angela Merkel", Chancellor of Germany, is to travel to the United States and visit Donald Trump, the controversial President of the U.S. The visit takes place at a time when the economic disputes between Washington and the United States have reached its pick because of the U.S. government announcement of imposing tariffs on the imported steel and aluminum. Furthermore, Merkel intends to negotiate with Trump trying to convince him to remain as part of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

  •  Bribe cases in Tehran, Beirut embassies under investigation: Berlin 2018-04-09 12:13

    Bribe cases in Tehran, Beirut embassies under investigation: Berlin

    TEHRAN – The Berlin prosecutor has placed a number of bribery cases in Germany’s embassies in Tehran and Beirut under judicial investigation, a spokesman for the Berlin prosecutor’s office has said.

  • Frank Walter Steinmeier 2018-01-14 10:19

    By Hanif Ghaffari 

    What is Steinmeier thinking about?

    TEHRAN - The President of Germany have difficult and busy days. The Christian parties and the Social Democratic Party have begun negotiations for a major coalition in Germany since January 7th. The talks that European leaders are hoping to put an end to months of political instability in Berlin. However, Frank Walter Steinmeier is well aware that it won't be easy to direct and manage negotiations inside the German coalition government.

  • Merkel 2017-12-10 10:32

    By Hossein Yari 

    Fatal political talks for Merkel

    TEHRAN _ Recently, European leaders called on two top German politicians, Merkel and Steinmeier, to formulate a coalition government as soon as possible. The lack of a strong government in Germany has worried the European Union. Social Democrats and Christian Democrats are now entering a new stage in the formation of a coalition government in Berlin. Although the Social-Democratic Party has somewhat retreated from its previous position, a strong government will not be established in Berlin even if a coalition government is formed between the two Social Democratic and Christian Democrats.

  • Angela Merkel 2017-12-03 10:09

    By Hanif Ghaffari

    Merkel's Farewell to her time of power

    TEHRAN _ The Christian Democratic Party of Germany has begun negotiations to form a coalition government with its rival party, the Social Democrats. Many analysts and experts in European affairs agree that the re-emergence of a coalition between rival and traditional German parties will reduce the political power of Angela Merkel in the coming years. Particularly now that both parties disagree on issues such as the asylum seekers' crisis and the way of this country's presence in NATO.

  • “Gold Gallery 28” by 2 Point studio from Iran won first prize in the Interior Architecture section at the 2A Asia Architecture Award in Berlin. 2017-10-29 18:58

    12 Iranian projects honored with 2A Asia Architecture Award in Berlin

    TEHRAN – Twelve projects from Iranian architects have been honored at the 2A Asia Architecture Award (2AAA), which is held annually by 2A Magazine in Berlin.

  •  Michael Klor-Berchtold 2017-09-11 21:33

    'Germany seeks full implementation of nuclear deal'

    TEHRAN - Michael Klor-Berchtold, Berlin’s ambassador to Tehran, has said that Germany is seeking a full implementation of the nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

  • Villa Oushan in Tehran from the Behzad Atabaki Studio is competing in the Future Projects category at the World Architecture Festival in Berlin.  2017-07-09 18:28

    Designs from Iran competing in World Architecture Festival 

    TEHRAN – Several Iranian designs have been shortlisted for awards at the World Architecture Festival, which will be held in Berlin from November 15 to 17.

  • Macron 2017-05-03 04:12

    By Patrick Wintour

    What would Macron as France's leader mean for Europe?

    A presidential win could offer a last chance for liberal reform of Europe but may prove bad news for Britain’s Brexit trade hopes

  • Stockholm attack 2017-04-09 02:27

    By Adam Taylor 

    It’s nearly impossible to stop terrorists from using trucks as weapons

    Nice, Berlin, London and now Stockholm. Over the past year, terrorist attacks using vehicles have become a sad fact of life in Europe.

  • Berlin 2017-03-21 14:19

    “Berlin” to go on stage at Tehran theater

    TEHRAN -- Iranian director Aryan Rezai plans to stage his fellow playwright Mohammad Yaqubi’s “Berlin” at Tehran’s City Theater Complex from April 3 to 20.

  •  Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Taleb Rifai makes a speach in an undated photo 2017-03-08 21:24

    UN tourism chief criticizes U.S. travel ban, hails Iran’s welcome

    TEHRAN – The head of the UN World Tourism Organization on Tuesday expressed disapproval of the freshly revised U.S. travel ban as an approach that still limits tourism, yet hailed Iran’s positive stance on welcoming inbound passengers.

  • Parvin Etesami  2017-02-20 18:38

    Berlin Hafez Institute to commemorate poet Parvin Etesami 

    TEHRAN – The Hafez Institute (Hafis Institut) in Berlin will commemorate Persian poet Parvin Etesami (1907-1941) on March 12.

  • Anis Amri 2017-01-23 11:51

    By Yury Fedotov

    Violent extremism and the challenges it presents

    Violent extremism today presents a chilling challenge to the world’s prison correction communities.

  • show of Western art 2017-01-03 19:38

    Official says Iran, Germany in new talks on show of Western art from Tehran museum

    TEHRAN – Deputy Culture Minister for Artist Affairs Ali Moradkhani said on Monday evening that Iran and Germany are currently engaged in a new round of talks to reorganize a show of the Tehran museum’s art collection in Berlin, which was canceled last week.

  • Berlin 2016-12-29 18:51

    Iranian embassy condemns terror attack in Berlin 

    TEHRAN – The Iranian embassy in Germany has strongly condemned the December 19 terrorist attack in Berlin which resulted in the death and injury of a number of civilians.

  • refugees 2016-12-21 16:12

    By Tania Ildefonso Ocampos

    Attacks to discourage the West from welcoming refugees

    On Monday evening, an unknown driver ploughed a truck into a crowd at a Christmas market in Berlin, killing at least 12 people. Hours later, the German police arrested a suspect at the defunct Tempelhof airport, which now houses Berlin’s biggest refugee accommodation center.

  • Berlin 2016-12-20 20:25

    By David A. Andelman

    Berlin truck crash spreads waves of fear

    The apparent violent truck assault on Berlin's crowded Breitscheidplatz Christmas market had all the hallmarks of Islamic State (ISIL) terrorism -- the same type of semitruck, the same high speed of 40 miles an hour, the same mass of holiday revelers -- as the horrific attack on the Promenade des Anglais in Nice last summer. In both cases, there were multiple deaths and scores of maimed and injured left in their wake.

  • Iranian, German FMs meet in Berlin 2016-06-16 15:29

    Iranian, German FMs meet in Berlin

    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier attend a working Iftar meal at Villa Borsig, the guesthouse of the German foreign ministry in the suburbs of Berlin on June 15.