• Iran warns Israel against any aggression 2020-12-28 18:35

    Iran warns Israel against any aggression

    Last week, Israel started to send a submarine to the Persian Gulf to allegedly deter Iran from taking revenge for the assassination of its top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. The move is a show of force against Iran amid simmering tensions in the region ahead of the first anniversary of the assassination of Gen. Qassem Soleimani

  • Driss Addar 2020-12-28 18:15

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Israel is an advanced garrison for U.S. in the region: Moroccan analyst

    TEHRAN – A Moroccan journalist describes Israel as an “unnatural entity” which is “planted” in the region to represent U.S. interests and cause escalations.

  • Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah 2020-12-28 12:03

    Nasrallah: Israel, Saudi culprit in U.S. assassination of Soleimani, Muhandis

    TEHRAN – Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah Resistance Movement Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah suggests that the U.S. assassinated Iran’s top general Qassem Soleimani and deputy commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU), Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, at the request of the Israeli and Saudi regimes.

  • Iran 2020-12-28 11:10

    Don’t play with the lion’s tail

    TEHRAN – In a highly provocative move, Israeli is reportedly sending a submarine to the Persian Gulf to allegedly deter Iran from taking revenge for the assassination of its top nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. But this move may end up being a fatal mistake for Israel and its enablers.

  • Amouei 2020-12-27 19:44

    Arrival of Israeli submarine in Persian Gulf ‘act of aggression,’ Iran says

    TEHRAN – Iran will consider the arrival of an Israeli submarine to the Persian Gulf “an act of aggression” and that it will have the right to respond, a senior Iranian lawmaker says.

  • Iran 2020-12-27 00:05

    Iran warns Israel against any aggression

    TEHRAN – In a stark warning to Israel, Tehran has said it will give a “strong and massive” response to any Israeli aggression against Iran’s national interests, according to Aljazeera.

  • eurasia 2020-12-26 10:34

    * By Agha Hussain

    Is Eurasian integration Israel’s answer to strategic deadlock in the Levant?

    TEHRAN-- Making US Middle East policy near-indistinguishable from its own had certain immediate advantages for Israel, but long-term caveats. The bonus was constant US financial, military, and diplomatic insurance for Israel’s aggressive militarism in Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon – the major venues for Israel’s desired settlements-expansion policy.

  • Fakhrizadeh 2020-12-25 17:03

    Assassination of Fakhrizadeh from the perspective of international law

    A virtual prior congress on international law concerning the armed conflict in the region with the theme of the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh from the viewpoint of international law was held on December 9 at the University of Qom. 

  • Amir Abdollahian 2020-12-25 15:32

    Advisor slams normalizations with Israel as ‘ridiculous show’

    TEHRAN — A senior foreign advisor to the Iranian parliament speaker has derided the normalization deals of some Arab countries with the Israeli regime as a “ridiculous show”, saying the moves will only bring about instability to the region.

  • پدافند سوریه 2020-12-25 12:27

    Syria repels Israeli warplanes’ missile barrage targeting Hama

    Syria’s air defenses repel a missile attack launched by Israeli warplanes from the Lebanese airspace against the western Syrian city of Hama’s countryside.

  • Shashank Joshi 2020-12-20 15:18

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    No guarantee a Republican administration won't quit nuclear deal again: expert

    TEHRAN – A defense editor at the Economist says that there is no guarantee that a possible Republican administration in the U.S. will not breach the nuclear deal again.

  • «تیوکو فایز سیا» سخنگوی وزارت امور خارجه اندونزی 2020-12-16 21:11

    Indonesia denies in talks with Israel

    Foreign Affairs Ministry's spokesman Teuku Faizasyah denies Israeli media claims of Indonesia seeking to normalize diplomatic ties with Israel.

  • Fakhrizadeh 2020-12-14 16:17

    By Javad Heirannia

    Israel assassinated Fakhrizadeh with U.S. green light: American professor

    “Netanyahu wants to take every opportunity to damage Iranian defensive capabilities,” George Washington University professor says

    TEHRAN – Professor Hossein Askari, who teaches international business at George Washington University, says he is “almost sure” that the assassination of Iranian scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was a joint project carried out by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. President Donald Trump.

  • بازداشت نوجوان فلسطینی 2020-12-13 12:21

    By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

    Words from readers

    He was 14 years old. You may not have heard about him on your local TV station or in your hometown newspaper.

  • Deal 2020-12-12 10:41

    U.S. seeks to build coalition that is dead on arrival

    Dancing on the thin ice

    TEHRAN – U.S. President Donald Trump has once again announced a normalization deal between Israel and an Arab country. This time, the U.S. president said Morocco is going to establish diplomatic ties with Israel. An expert on West Asia tells the Tehran Times that normalization deals between Israel and some Arab states are meant to cover up the weak spot of the parties that sign them.

  • عادی سازی 2020-12-11 17:51

    Palestinians condemn Morocco, Israel agreement to normalize ties

    Morocco and Israel have reached a U.S.-brokered agreement on normalizing relations, making Morocco the fourth Arab country - after the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Sudan – to agree to a normalization deal with the Tel Aviv regime since August.

  • Salami 2020-12-11 17:48

    Iran to exact vengeance on Israel for Fakhrizadeh assassination: IRGC chief

    TEHRAN — The head of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) has vowed to exact vengeance on the Zionist regime and its minions for the assassination of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a prominent Iranian scientist.

  • Robert Inlakesh 2020-12-11 12:01

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    The only way to prevent Israeli terror is to strike back hard: analyst

    TEHRAN – A British political analyst, Robert Inlakesh, believes that the only way to confront Israel and its terror attacks is to respond back.

  • Nuclear 2020-12-09 13:00

    Israel wouldn’t have assassinated Iranian scientist without U.S. consent: expert

    TEHRAN - Philip Giraldi, the executive director of the Council for the National Interest, has said in an analysis that the White House green-lighted Israel’s plan to assassinate prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

  • Wrong state 2020-12-08 18:04

    By Batool Subeiti

    The wrong calculations for the Wrong State

    Netanyahu recently listed his ‘achievements’ of the week, from them mentioning the strengthened relations between Israel (the Wrong State) and the Arab states, in addition to other ‘achievements’ he couldn't mention openly.

  • حمله سایبری 2020-12-08 11:24

    Security vulnerability deep inside Israeli infrastructure 

    Major spike in cyber attacks on Israeli companies

    In recent days Israel has suffered information failures in different areas.  

  • اتحادیه اروپا و رژیم تحریمهای یکجانبه 2020-12-06 11:21

    EU calls for probe into Palestinian teen’s killing by Israel

    The killing of a Palestinian teenager by the Israeli army in the illegally occupied West Bank has been termed a “war crime” and the European Union Delegation to the Palestinians has called for an investigation into the incident.

  • Zarif 2020-12-05 13:43

    Zarif urges Germany to end ‘despicable Covid Apartheid’ against Palestinians

    Zarif tells Maas that JCPOA parties must honor obligations endorsed by UN Security Council

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has urged Germany to end its “despicable” coronavirus apartheid against the Palestinian people instead of lecturing Iran on what it should do.

  • Sergey Lavrov 2020-12-05 12:54

    Lavrov urges Israel to avoid unilateral actions in West Bank

    Israel should avoid unilateral actions on the occupied territories in the West Bank, including the unlawful practice of destroying Palestinian houses there, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said in a video address to participants of the Mediterranean Dialogues international conference in Moscow.

  • Diplomat 2020-12-02 22:18

    By Abbas Dehghanifard

    Israel legitimized assassination of government officials by targeting Fakhrizadeh: expert

    TEHRAN – Amir Mousavi, a former Iranian diplomat and an expert on West Asia, has said that Israel set a precedent for assassinating government officials by targeting prominent Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh.

  • Rouhani 2020-12-02 18:00

    Rouhani raps Israel’s inhumane acts against Palestinians

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani has reaffirmed the Islamic Republic’s support for the Palestinian cause, urging the world to stand up to the inhumane policies adopted by the Israeli regime.

  • Two Palestinian workers killed, 5 others injured as Israeli settler runs them over 2020-12-02 16:42

    Two Palestinian workers killed, 5 others injured as Israeli settler runs them over

    At least two Palestinian workers have lost their lives and five others sustained serious injuries after an Israeli settler ran them over in an apparent hit-and-run incident in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

  • Basem Naim 2020-12-02 12:02

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Israeli blockade hindering COVID-19 fight in Gaza: ex-Palestinian health minister 

    TEHRAN – The former Palestinian health minister says the Israeli blockade against the Gaza Strip for more than fourteen years has affected all aspects of life in the coastal strip including health, educational, social and humanitarian aspects, especially as the enclave is facing the Coronavirus pandemic. 

  • Stakes high for UAE as regional tensions soar 2020-12-02 11:31

    Stakes high for UAE as regional tensions soar

    TEHRAN – As tensions run high in the region following the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, analysts warn that the United Arab Emirates is treading on dangerous ground by not distancing itself from Israel’s provocative measures against Iran.

  • علی فاهم تحلیل‌گر عراقی 2020-12-01 13:17

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    Yemenis have become source of pride and inspiration for Arabs: Iraqi analyst

    TEHRAN – An Iraqi political analyst describes Yemeni fighters as “a source of pride and inspiration for Arabs and Muslims” due to their resistance against the Saudi-led war.