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  • Myles Hoenig 2020/10/14

    By Myles Hoenig 

    The ins and outs of American elections

    The first words to come out of most mouths regarding the first debate were 'shocking,' 'disturbing,' 'demoralizing,' 'frightening' and so many other hyperboles. But if it wasn't for the fact that this was one of the traditional ways to elect a president with the most powerful military in the world, one could almost see the humor in the debate. Two septuagenarians acting like kindergarten children fighting over a snack, especially when one is the U.S. president, just has to make one laugh at the absurdity of it all. 

  • Richard Falk 2020/10/14

    By Richard Anderson Falk

    AIPAC and U.S. elections

    AIPAC is a strong lobbying group that is perceived by the political parties to exert great influence on large Jewish donors and Jewish voters generally. The leadership of both parties competes for AIPAC approval, although as an organization it refrains from political endorsements at national levels. It does have a record of opposing Congressional candidates deemed critical of Israel, making inflammatory accusations that candidates critical of Israel are by that fact alone anti-Semitic. Such a campaign has been launched with at least implicit AIPAC support to defeat the candidacy of Ilhan Omer who is running for reelection in urban Minneapolis.

  • jim dean 2020/10/14

    By Jim W. Dean

    Is the U.S. facing a political civil war?

     (How bad is the U.S. political schism going to get?)

    When a Continental Convention was adjourning in 1787, a spectator called out to Ben Franklin, “What kind of government will we have? He answered, “A republic if you can keep it, sir.” That admonition is what anti-Trump people are facing now.

  • professor of engineering seismology Mehdi Zare 2020-10-13 11:40

    By Prof. Mehdi Zare

    Earthquake hazard zoning: An international effort conduction in Iran for Western and South Asia 

    As an international effort, this article is aimed to represent the important controlling factors for seismic hazard analysis (SHA) performed over the last 3 decades in Iran, Western, and South Asia.

  • Anthony Tucker 2020/10/10

    By Anthony Tucker-Jones 

    West Asia’s a perfect storm

    Who could have predicted that Saddam Hussein’s attack on Iran back in 1980 would create a perfect storm that was to last for almost four decades? 

  • Ian Greenhalgh 2020-10-10 11:53

    By Ian Greenhalgh

    Election 2020: Stakes never higher for Dis-United States

    ('Stand back, stand by': Trump prepares to declare victory)

    The United States has not been so dis-united since the end of the Civil War a century and a half ago. The reason for the great divide that has opened up in U.S. society is clear and it is the presidency of Donald Trump. It is not by accident, but rather by design that the U.S. has been fractured and broken; for the reason, we merely need to recall the principle of ‘divide and conquer’.

  • Andrew Korybko 2020-10-06 10:46

    By Andrew Korybko

    America’s quasi-democratic election

    The U.S. is not a direct democracy

    As the theoretically pure form of democracy exists in any major country given their size, we cannot say the U.S. election is a fully democratic election.

  • Charles Ortel 2020-10-06 10:45

    By Charles Ortel

    U.S. election and the challenge of potential voters

    During 2020, there is heightened potential for interference many ways, but at core Americans across the political spectrum are free to register and to vote in secret, meaning the outcome, once tallied should reflect the will of a broad swath of eligible voters.

  • stephen Lendman 2020-10-06 10:35

    By Stephen Lendman

    Trump v. Biden: The evil of two lessers

    Earlier I discussed the shame of the nation in America, a bipartisan conspiracy against peace, equity, justice and the rule of law. I noted Benjamin Franklin’s warning to the nation’s founders on the uncertainty of whether the newly created republic would last into “remote futurity.” Asked if a republic or monarchy was formed, he responded: “A republic if you can keep it.”

  • abir bassam 2020/09/26

    By Abir Bassam

    American threats of assassinations: What follows?

    It seems that American President Donald Trump is greatly enjoying the game of power. He must have lost his balance as a credible businessman to becoming a genuine cowboy, raising his pistol, and shooting all around. His ego is becoming more inflated every day. This was bluntly expressed on the 16th of September in his interview on Fox News, bragging his decision to assassinate another state's president.

  • Jews 2020-09-21 11:43

    By Laurent Guyénot

    “New world order pledged to Jews” 80 years ago

    Most Zionist diplomacy takes place in secret, through corruption and blackmail (euphemistically called “lobbying”). But sometimes it is deemed appropriate that some statement be written down by some government representative in support of Zionism. The Goyim who write these statements may think them of little consequence, but Zionists know very well how to capitalize on them.

  • abir bassam 2020/09/18

    By Abir Bassam

    Lebanon boiling over its harbor hot tin

    What is being cooked in Beirut's harbor? It seems that there are urgent needs to keep Lebanon on guard.  The country is barely picking itself up after the blast on the 4th of August. Now, it is going through another dilemma as the fire burst on the 10th of September. The two major accidents suggest that the time has not yet come for Beirut to write its closure. 

  • Khaled 2020/09/14

    By Khalid Qaddoumi

    Normalization between some Arab governments and ‘Israel’: Facts and figures 

    The term itself says that something is not "normal". It needs to be normalized, or something that was a taboo is converted into permissible. This is the situation of the relations between Arabs and "Israel" since the Palestinians' catastrophe (Nakba) in 1948 when the "Israeli" occupation started. Hence, no doubt this topic is controversial and paradoxical.

  • Post 9/11 America: Islam and Muslims still suspect 2020-09-11 19:11

    By Yuram Abdullah Weiler

    Post 9/11 America: Islam and Muslims still suspect

    Nineteen years have passed by since a rogue band of extremists hijacked four passenger airplanes and executed a multi-pronged attack on the symbols of American hegemony. Muslims were immediately eyed with great suspicion and these fears were amplified by U.S. politicians in a misguided attempt to capitalize on the public’s shock and outrage. Over the interceding years Americans’ negative attitudes toward and perceptions of Islam and Muslims has only worsened.

  • 9/11 and death of the American dream 2020-09-11 14:06

    By Kevin Barrett

    9/11 and death of the American dream

    Sometimes comedians can get a laugh just by telling the truth. George Carlin was good at that. One of his most famous quotes is: “That's why they call it the American Dream, because you have to be asleep to believe it.”

  • 9/11 attacks 2020-09-11 13:01

    By Stephen Zunes

    No evidence suggests 9/11 was a conspiracy 

    I have seen absolutely no credible evidence to suggest that the 11 September 2001 attacks were a result of any kind of conspiracy by the U.S. governments or anyone outside of the Al-Qaeda network. It was indeed a terrorist attack planned and carried about exclusively by Al-Qaeda.

  • stephen Lendman 2020-09-11 09:25

    By Stephen Lendman

    9/11: The mother of all Big Lies

    They’re a longstanding U.S. tradition, dating from the 19th century. They enabled annexation of Texas. Half of Mexico followed. 

  • Shireen Hunter 2020-09-11 08:36

    By Mohammad Mazhari

    9/11 attacks shattered the Americans' sense of security: Shireen Hunter 

    TEHRAN - Shireen Hunter, a professor of political science at Georgetown University, is of the opinion that the September 11 attacks “shattered the Americans' sense of security” and led to “a far more directly interventionist American foreign policy.”

  • American Dream 2020/09/10

    By Keith Harmon Snow

    American dream, global nightmare

    For many years I have mistakenly believed that police shootings and killings of blacks and Native Americans in the United States occurred because police officers had made some kind of mistake.

  • abir bassam 2020/09/05

    By Abir Bassam

    The hypothetical compromise: The end of 10 years of war in West Asia

    On my way back from the south to Beirut two months ago, Elea crossroad in Saida was closed. As I took the long [S] turn to be able to reach Beirut road again, I came across the Lebanese Army.

  • ZHANG Yuan  2020/08/23

    By ZHANG Yuan 

    The relationship between great powers in the epidemic control stage: Not a zero-sum game

    The number of people diagnosed with coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has been rising, and the second wave of coronavirus might worsen the situation. The pandemic has triggered a global recession; unemployment rate reached an all-time high, and the public's anxiety surges.

  • abir bassam 2020/08/20

    By Abir Bassam

    International Tribune: A non-closed chapter

    Fifteen years, the Lebanese people have been waiting for fifteen years for the alleged justice that should be brought by the International Tribune. The tribune was commissioned to investigate the assassination of the Lebanese Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

  • Robert Inlakesh 2020/08/18

    By Robert Inlakesh

    Wall Street Journal caught out in lies about “U.S. Seizure of Iranian vessels”

    Last Thursday, the widely regarded “reputable” ‘Wall Street Journal’ published a story, quoting unnamed U.S. officials, claiming that four Iranian vessels heading to Venezuela were “seized” in International Waters. But now it seems that they have changed their narrative, the narrative that the rest of Western Corporate media has adopted.

  • Abir bassam 2020/08/17

    By Abir Bassam

    Abraham Accord: Another historical betrayal

    We live a series of historical betrayals since the Arab revolution in 1916. The British betrayal brought the Saudi clan into power. Compromises brought the other monarchies in the (Persian) Gulf countries. Even more, betrayals were enforced on the Arabs by their own leaders in Camp David,

  • Lebanon 2020-08-12 10:57

    By Mehdi Shojaeian

    Lebanese are punished for backing resistance movement

    The corruption and issues that we face today in Lebanon are consequences of a 30-year legacy inherited by Hassan Diab’s government. The problems in Lebanon, especially the massive explosion at Beirut's port on August 4, all are rooted in one thing and that is that the U.S., Israel, and Saudi Arabia are venting their anger against the Lebanese nation who endorsed the resistance movements in Lebanon and Iraq.

  • abir bassam 2020/08/11

    By Abir Bassam

    Beirut explosion: Hezbollah should not fall into the trap twice

    Hezbollah should be cautious not to fall into the as it is is facing the difficult challenges after Beirut blast: The call for the government to resign, the call for disarming, and accusing it.

  • us warplanes 2020-08-01 15:59

    By Habib Ahmadzadeh

    Ignorant, arrogant and all-pretentious

    Another Western thriller by the lawless government of the United States

    Once, as the narrative goes, Jesus Christ (PBUH) was hurriedly running away from someone. His disciples, who had never seen him in this condition, addressed him and said, "What has befallen on you, O' dear lord?" He replied, "I'm running away from an ignorant one."

  • Zeinab Awada 2020-07-29 21:51

    By Zeinab Awada

    Media didn't pay attention to humanitarian aspects of the harassment against Iranian plane

    In the latest escalation between the United States and Iran, two American fighters intercepted an Iranian passenger plane over Syria. The harassment led to the injury of some passengers. 

  • Change Hua 2020-07-28 12:10

    By Amb. Change Hua

    Understand the essence of China’s diplomacy

    The world has continued to change in profound ways. As COVID-19 rages on, the health of people around the world is under grave threat, economic globalization faces unprecedented headwinds, and the world economy is plunged into deep recession. Unilateralism, protectionism, and bullyism are resurging. Deficits in governance, trust, peace, and development are widening further.

  • Professor Otto Spijkers 2020-07-11 10:51

    By Professor Otto Spijkers

    25 years later: Questions of legal responsibility for Srebrenica 

    On July 11, 2020, exactly 25 years have passed since the genocide in Srebrenica happened. In 1995, Bosnian Serb soldiers killed more than eight thousand Bosnian Muslim men in just a few days, while a United Nations (UN) peacekeeping force of Dutch soldiers was there to protect these men. This makes the Srebrenica genocide also a dark page in Dutch history.