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  • TSE Yesterday 14:19

    Value of trades at TSE rises 30% in a week

    TEHRAN- The value of trades at Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) rose 30 percent in the past Iranian calendar week (ended on Friday), according to a report published on the official website of TSE.

  • gas Yesterday 14:17

    IFCC calls for optimizing gas consumption as cold weather persists

    TEHRAN – Iran Fuel Conservation Company (IFCC) has called for optimization of the consumption of energy carriers considering the country’s natural gas consumption has reached a record high in recent weeks, IRNA reported on Thursday.

  • BAIEX Yesterday 14:16

    Tehran hosting intl. bitumen, asphalt exhibition

    TEHRAN- The 11th edition of International Bitumen, Asphalt, Insulation and Related Machinery Exhibition of Iran (BAIEX 2020) opened at the Tehran Permanent International Fairgrounds on Thursday, IRIB reported.

  • dejpasand Yesterday 14:15

    Foreign investment in Iran up 23% in 9 months

    TEHRAN - Foreign investment in Iran has risen 23 percent during the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-December 21, 2019) from the same period of time in the past year, Iranian Finance and Economic Affairs Minister Farhad Dejpasand announced.

  • bank loan 2020-01-22 14:14

    Iranian banks pay over $149b in loans since mid-March 2019

    TEHRAN- Iranian banking system has paid 6.26 quadrillion rials (about $149 billion) in loans to domestic economic sectors since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2019), the governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said on Tuesday.

  • Ardakanian 2020-01-22 14:10

    Nearly 4,300 electricity projects inaugurated across Iran in a week

    TEHRAN – Iranian Energy Ministry inaugurated 4,297 development projects worth 20 trillion rials (about $476 million) in the 13th week of the implementation of a major program called “A B Iran”, IRNA reported, quoting the Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian.

  • Inflation 2020-01-22 12:58

    Inflation rate slides 1.4%: SCI

    TEHRAN- The Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) announced that the inflation rate in the twelve-month period ended on January 20, which marks the end of the tenth Iranian calendar month of Dey, stood at 38.6 percent.

  • IME 2020-01-22 12:56

    Commodities worth over $3b traded at IME in a month

    TEHRAN- Over 2.851 million tons of commodities worth 133 trillion rials (about $3.1 billion) were traded at Iran Mercantile Exchange (IME) during the past Iranian calendar month of Dey (December 22, 2019-January 20, 2020), Tasnim news agency reported.

  • hemmati 2020-01-21 14:13

    ‘CBI taking necessary measures to support private sector, cooperatives’

    TEHRAN – The governor of the Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said on Monday that his bank is focusing all its efforts to remove the currency-related barriers in the way of the country’s private sector and cooperatives’ trade activities, IRIB reported.

  • Khiabani 2020-01-21 14:08

    TPO to establish specialized export terminals for certain products

    TEHRAN – Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) of Iran is tasked to establish specialized export terminals in certain provinces to facilitate the exports of some commodities, IRIB reported, quoting a senior official.

  • Kish 2020-01-21 14:07

    Kish Island hosting intl. energy exhibition

    TEHRAN – Iran’s southern Kish Island is hosting the 16th edition of its international energy exhibition (Kish ENEX 2020) which is hosting over 140 foreign and domestic companies, IRNA reported.

  • Hadavi 2020-01-21 13:41

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Tavaniran match-making system to strengthen domestic production

    TEHRAN- During a press conference on Tuesday, Domestic Production Center of Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade unveiled “Tavaniran system”, which is aimed at invigorate and strengthen domestic production through strong match-making between producers of Iranian products and the consumers inside the country.

  • engineer 2020-01-20 15:13

    Iran aiming to promote engineering services export to neighbors

    TEHRAN – Head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) says his organization is focusing on improving the exports of engineering and technical services to the neighboring countries as well as China, and India, IRNA reported.

  • Hemmati 2020-01-20 14:39

    CBI to control forex market more through new monetary policy

    TEHRAN- The governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) said the bank is controlling the forex market and plans to strengthen this control through a new monetary policy, IRIB reported.

  • sistan-Dam 2020-01-20 14:35

    ‘Completion of Sistan-Baluchestan dam projects to be accelerated’

    TEHRAN – Iranian Energy Minister Reza Ardakanian said the completion of two dam projects in the flood-stricken Sistan-Baluchestan province in southeastern Iran will be accelerated, IRNA reported.

  • Meshkinfam 2020-01-20 14:35

    South Pars gas field’s steady output at 630mcm per day

    TEHRAN - Managing Director of Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC), which is in charge of developing South Pars gas field, says all the field’s platforms are currently operational and producing 630 million cubic meters (mcm) of gas every day, Shana reported.

  • Iran Vietnam 2020-01-19 16:55

    TPO to hold seminar on introducing Vietnam’s market in early February

    TEHRAN- Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) plans to hold a seminar on introducing the markets of Vietnam on February 4.

  • trade office 2020-01-19 16:50

    By Mahnaz Abdi

    Trade centers in regional countries to spur non-oil exports

    Reimposition of the U.S. sanctions on Iranian economy has led the Islamic Republic to reduce its dependence on oil revenues and elevate its other sources of income instead; while increasing non-oil exports has come as the most significant approach in this regard.

  • Housing 2020-01-19 14:25

    Bank Maskan offers over 100,000 loans in 9 months

    TEHRAN - Bank Maskan, the acting bank of Iran's housing sector, has provided 100,000 loans for the housing development during the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21-December 21, 2019), Mehr news agency reported on Saturday.

  • NIGC 2020-01-19 14:22

    Iran’s daily gas consumption hits new record high

    TEHRAN – Iran’s daily natural gas consumption hit a record high of 592 million cubic meters (mcm) a day due to the recent heavy snowfall and cold weather which has blanketed the country, said the spokesman of the National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC).

  • petchem 2020-01-19 14:21

    2mt of idle petchem production capacity to be revived next year

    TEHRAN - Nearly two million tons capacity of Iran’s idle petrochemical units will be revived in the next Iranian calendar year (starts on March 20), IRNA reported on Saturday, quoting a manager with the National Petrochemical Company (NPC).

  • domestic production 2020-01-19 14:19

    Domestic production saves Iran over €1.2b since Mar. 2019

    TEHRAN - Iran's deputy industry, mining, and trade minister for industry affairs says domestic production has saved the country over €1.2 billion since the beginning of the current Iranian calendar year (March 21, 2019), IRIB reported.

  • ICCIMA 2020-01-18 15:01

    BY: Ebrahim Fallahi

    ICCIMA unveils agribusiness training program

    TEHRAN – Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture hosted a ceremony on Saturday for unveiling the country’s first agricultural business training program (called NABKA).

  • TSE 2020-01-18 14:59

    TEDPIX hits record high of 400,000 points

    TEHRAN- TEDPIX, the main index of Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE), posted a new record on Saturday, as it jumped 10,516 points to stand at 409,962, IRNA reported.

  • N.Azadegan 2020-01-18 14:57

    North Azadegan oilfield’s cumulative output hits 100m barrels

    TEHRAN - Iran’s North Azadegan oil field, which the country shares with Iraq in the West Karoun region, has produced 100 million barrels of oil since it went operational, Shana reported on Saturday, quoting the director of the field’s development project.

  • TSE 2020-01-17 17:29

    TSE posts highest ever weekly growth

    TEHRAN- Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) witnessed the highest ever weekly rise of its main index, TEDPIX, in the past Iranian calendar week (ended on Friday), which was the last week of Iran’s tenth calendar month of Dey, Tasnim news agency reported.

  • Danan 2020-01-17 14:27

    ICOFC aims to boost Danan oil field’s output

    TEHRAN - Iranian Central Oil Fields Company (ICOFC) has installed the first drilling rig of Danan oil field’s development project, aiming for the field’s maintenance and enhancing its oil production, Shana reported.

  • Zadboum 2020-01-17 14:25

    ‘Iran capable of boosting exports to neighbors up to $100b’

    TEHRAN- The head of Iran’s Trade Promotion Organization (TPO) says the country has the capacity to increase exports to its 15 neighbors up to $100 billion, IRNA reported.

  • Pajouhan 2020-01-17 14:24

    Iran to produce $125m of petchem catalysts annually by Mar. 2022

    Tehran – Iran plans to produce $125m worth of petrochemical catalysts annually, by the end of the Iranian calendar year of 1400 (March 20, 2022), Shana reported on Wednesday, quoting a petrochemical official.

  • CBI 2020-01-17 14:23

    CBI officially launches open market operation system

    TEHRAN - The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) officially launched an open market operation (OMO) system on Thursday, as part of its monetary policy to curb inflation, control interest rates in the interbank market and manage liquidity, IRIB reported.