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  • Muharram, rejoining families, promoting intimacy 2018-09-18 10:16

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Muharram, rejoining families, promoting intimacy

    Once I grew old enough to figure out the main reasons behind the mourning rituals of Muharram I became genuinely fond of it, as it is not just a month grieve, but a time to heighten the strong sense of intimacy.

  • “Laleh Abbasi” candlesticks are amongst best-seller handicrafts produced in Tehran province. 2018-09-17 21:40

    Glassware makes one-fourth of Tehran handicraft exports

    TEHRAN – Glassware accounts for almost one-fourth of handicrafts exports from Tehran province, a local tourism official has said.

  • obesity 2018-09-17 21:38

    Prevalence of overweight and obesity among girls increasing

    TEHRAN – The prevalence of overweight in girl students under the age of 20 is increasing form 6.4 percent in 1980 to 10.3 percent in 2015, Mohammad Hashemi, secretary of the society for the prevention of obesity in Iran said here on Sunday.

  • An interior view of the 16th-century Zeinodin caravanserai in Yazd province 2018-09-17 21:34

    Zeinodin caravanserai, a destination for avid time travelers!

    For an avid visitor to a centuries-old caravanserai, it’s not tough to imagine (or even hear!) the hustle and bustle of merchants bargaining on prices, describing their long lived journey to one another as their camels chew on hay in the corner.

  • A view from Telecom Innovation 2017 2018-09-17 11:50

    Tehran to host Telecom Innovation 2018

    TEHRAN -- The 19th International Exhibition of Telecommunications, Information Technology, known as Telecom Innovation 2018, will be held from October 3 to 6 at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

  • Welfare Organization to cover costs of genetic testing 2018-09-17 00:23

    Welfare Organization to cover genetic testing costs

    TEHRAN – The cost of genetic testing for families having a child with birth defects or couples at risk, will be fully covered by the Welfare Organization, Fatemeh Abbasi an official with the Organization has said.

  • Sand and dust storm in Zabol, Sistan-Balouchestan province 2018-09-16 22:07

    Hamoun dryness, a tragedy for southwestern Iran

    TEHRAN — Hamoun wetland dryness, caused by long-term drought and low precipitation, is the major reason behind problems in southwestern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, Zia-al-din Shoaei, former head of national working group for combatting sand and dust storms has said.

  • 2 electric bus lines in Tehran to begin operation 2018-09-16 21:23

    2 electric bus lines in Tehran to begin operation

    TEHRAN — Two electric bus lines will become operational in Tehran in near future, Tehran bus operating company’s director general Peyman Sanandaji has said.

  • A view of the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque in Isfahan 2018-09-16 10:17

    Isfahan to run guesthouse for patients with cancer

    TEHRAN – A guesthouse will be opened in the city of Isfahan to accommodate health tourists who are suffering from cancer, IRIB reported on Friday.

  • National Hepatitis B prevention plan to start next month 2018-09-15 23:55

    National Hepatitis B prevention plan to start next month

    TEHRAN – A national plan for the prevention of Hepatitis B transmission through blood transfusion, will be implemented by the beginning of [the Iranian calendar month of] Mehr (September 23) nationwide, Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization spokesman has said.

  • Tehran’s ambassador to Tokyo Morteza Rahmani-Movahed (L) stands by JATA President Tadashi Shimura on September 15, 2018. 2018-09-15 23:53

    Iran proposes having tourism exhibit in Japan

    TEHRAN – Tehran’s ambassador to Tokyo on Saturday proposed holding an exhibit of Iran’s handicrafts and tourism potential in Japan.

  • Low impact of El Niño on autumn rainfall in Iran 2018-09-15 23:10

    Low impact of El Niño on autumn rainfall in Iran

    TEHRAN — The El Niño, will have a little impact on Iran's autumn rainfall this year, head of climatological research institute affiliated to the Iran’s Meteorological Organization has said.

  • Iran on the way to increase children’s road safety 2018-09-15 03:30

    Iran on the way to increase children’s road safety

    TEHRAN — While many parents are already using car seats for children in the front or rear seat of any cars in Iran it has not become a law yet.

  • A group of students are throwing their caps in the air in celebrating their graduation in front of Amirkabir University of Technology. 2018-09-15 01:55

    Iran, Germany to collaborate on 24 research projects

    TEHRAN —German Research Foundation (in German Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft or DFG) will collaborate with Iran on conducting 24 research projects, IRNA news agency reported on Friday.

  • Enrollment rate in primary education increased to almost 100% in Iran: minister 2018-09-14 15:35

    Enrollment rate in primary education increased to almost 100% in Iran: minister

    TEHRAN — While in 1970s there enrollment rate of the boys and girls in primary education was 70 percent, currently it exceeds 98 percent, Education Minister said on Thursday.

  • 2018 Hosseini infancy conference held nationwide 2018-09-14 15:30

    Hosseini infants ceremony marked in Iran

    TEHRAN —The Hosseini infants ceremony was held nationwide on Friday in commemoration of Ali al-Asghar, the six-month-old baby boy of Imam Hossein (AS) who was the youngest person killed in the Battle of Karbala.

  • MS treatment centers to be set up nationwide 2018-09-13 10:52

    MS treatment centers to be set up nationwide

    TEHRAN — The Multiple Sclerosis (MS) treatment centers offering comprehensive programs for the evaluation and treatment of MS patients, will be set up in all provinces of the country, deputy health minister has said.

  • Tehraners donate $400,000 to support underprivileged students 2018-09-12 23:54

    Tehraners donate $400,000 to support underprivileged students

    TEHRAN – Benefactors in Tehran have donated some 18 billion rials (nearly $400,000) for the financially struggling students through a charity event prior to the upcoming school year (starting September 23), head of the provincial Relief Foundation has said.

  • People are snow tubing on the hills in Ardebil, northwest Iran, in February 2017 (Photo by Mohammad Zare/ IRNA) 2018-09-12 23:50

    Will at last students have winter break or not?

    TEHRAN — While Iran tourism chief Ali-Asghar Mounesan announced on Sunday that students can enjoy a 5-day winter break this school year (starting on September 23) officials at the supreme council of education and members of the parliament have voiced their disagreements.

  • Detail shows a massive oil-on-canvas painting which was put on show at the Louvre-lens from March to July 2018. It depicts Qajar-era politicians, courtiers and military aids. 2018-09-12 23:42

    Tehran exhibit features artworks back from Louvre-Lens

    TEHRAN – On Wednesday, an exhibition of Qajar-era (1785-1925) objects, which France’s Louvre-Lens had borrowed earlier this year for a home show, opened its doors to the public at the UNESCO-registered Golestan Palace in downtown Tehran.

  • Acute coronary syndromes most prevalent heart diseases in Iran: cardiologist 2018-09-12 15:56

    Acute coronary syndromes most prevalent heart diseases in Iran: cardiologist

    TEHRAN — Acute coronary syndromes are the most prevalent heart diseases in the country, cardiologist Maryam Mehr Pouya said, noting that having a healthy diet, being more physically active, and choosing a more healthy lifestyle would prevent the condition.

  • 14% of total waste in Iran produced in northern coastal cities 2018-09-11 23:55

    14% of total waste in Iran produced in northern coastal cities: report

    TEHRAN – The amount of waste generated in the northern provinces of the country, neighboring the Caspian Sea, is snowballing at a rate of over 7,000 tons a day, holding accountable for 14 percent of the total daily 50,000 tons of waste production in the country.

  • Farmers harvest tomatoes in a countryside near Lake Urmia (Photo: Aletheia Casey) 2018-09-11 23:52

    Digital transformation meant to save Lake Urmia: ICT minister

    TEHRAN – Digital transformation in the field of irrigation can help save 35 percent of water resources in northwest of the country and lead to the preservation of Lake Urmia, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said on Monday, ILNA reported.

  • Hour al-Azim still on fire, belching acrid smoke into Khuzestan sky 2018-09-11 17:33

    Hour al-Azim still on fire, belching acrid smoke into Khuzestan sky

    TEHRAN — It’s been over 65 days since Hour al-Azim wetland, a transboundary body of water shared between Iran and Iraq, has erupted in raging fire and now large amounts of acrid smoke is being spread in the cities of Abadan and Khorramshahr in southern parts of Khuzestan province.

  • next up 2018-09-11 17:04

    Iran to host Technology Investment Meeting of D-8

    TEHRAN – The Pardis Technology Park in Tehran will host Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) under the title of ‘Next Up’ on December 5 and 6.

  • António Guterres 2018-09-11 11:45

    U.N. Chief Warns of a Dangerous Tipping Point on Climate Change

    Warning of the risks of “runaway” global warming, the United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, on Monday called on global leaders to rein in climate change faster.

  • illiteracy 2018-09-10 22:12

    Literacy gap between women and men decreasing in Iran

    TEHRAN – Literacy gap between women and men is decreasing in Iran, reaching to 12 percent compared to 40 percent three decades ago.

  • women and national production 2018-09-10 20:48

    Tehran hosting 13th women and national production expo

    TEHRAN – The thirteenth exhibition of women and national production kicked off here on September 6.

  • عمل جراحی تعویض کامل مفصل آرنج چندی پیش در خانم ۶۶ ساله ای با موفقیت در بیمارستان آیت الله طالقانی انجام شد. 2018-09-10 16:27

    Medical tourist arrivals in Iran doubles in spring

    TEHRAN –  Medical tourist arrivals in the country has nearly doubled in the first three months of the current Iranian calendar year, corresponding to spring 2018, from a year earlier, said an official with the Ministry of Health.

  • Iranian Defense Ministry's Marine Industries Organization head Rear Admiral Amir Rastegari, chief of DOE Isa Kalantari and the Isfahan governor Mohsen Mehr-Alizadeh sign an agreement in Isfahan to sup 2018-09-09 17:17

    Agreement signed to support manufacturing electric vehicles

    TEHRAN – Governor general office of Isfahan province, the Department of Environment (DOE) and the Defense Ministry's Marine Industries Organization signed an agreement to support technological development of manufacturing electric vehicles in Isfahan on Wednesday, IRNA reported.