Tehran Municipality developing waste management comprehensive plan

January 8, 2018 - 9:0

TEHRAN – Tehran Municipality is developing a comprehensive plan for waste management which is due to be unveiled in autumn, chief of Tehran’s department of environment has said.

“All aspects of waste management should be included in the plan,” said Mohammad Hossein Bazgir, adding, waste sorting at source, appropriate waste collection and transfer to dump sites, educating citizens, processing waste and establishing waste-to-energy plants are among the required measures to be noted in the plan.

Speaking on the complications of managing electronic and hospital waste, Bazgir maintained that special measures are needed to be taken into account accordingly in the aforementioned plan. 

The more we procrastinate developing such plans, the more demanding the waste management in Tehran will become, he emphasized.

Bazgir went on to say that over 8,000 tons of household waste and some 50,000 tons of construction waste are produced in Tehran on a daily basis. 

Proper waste management can both do well to the environment and the economy and seems to be a must-do approach in the current waste-producing world.


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