• Masood Chaudhary 2018-03-11 12:13

    By Masood Chaudhary

    Poor Afghanistan dance to tunes of American menace

    After 40 years of bloody conflict, six million homeless Afghans, devastation for three generations, thousands of innocents dead or wounded, and 16 years of boots on the ground, the American Menace may be preparing for another bloody war. If Afghans still think Uncle Sam can give them a decent future, then I am sorry to say, they live in Lala-land.

  • Iran ready to help Afghanistan fight terrorism 2018-03-10 10:54

    Iran ready to help Afghanistan fight terrorism

    TEHRAN – Defense Minister Amir Hatami has said that the Islamic Republic supports peace and security in neighboring countries, especially Afghanistan, voicing Tehran’s readiness to help Kabul in its fight against terrorism.

  • khoshroo 2018-03-10 10:46

    Iran: Security still major challenge for Afghanistan

    Ambassador and Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations Gholamali Khoshroo in a statement on Thursday deplored that security still remains the major challenge for Afghanistan.

  •  Afghanistan 2018-03-06 09:53

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    For peace in Afghanistan, talk to Afghans

    Quite clearly, the beleaguered ‘national unity government’ in Kabul, which has faced blistering criticism at home and abroad for failing to stem violence, has run out of options and is desperately trying to woo the Taliban to end what President Ghani has often termed as ‘imposed war’.

  • U.S. transferring Daesh militants to Afghanistan: general 2018-02-07 10:58

    U.S. transferring Daesh militants to Afghanistan: general

    TEHRAN – Chief of the Iranian Armed Forces said on Tuesday that the United States is relocating Daesh militants to Afghanistan now that the group has been defeated in Iraq and Syria.

  • hatami 2018-02-04 20:00

    Iran’s defense minister says U.S. trying to transfer Daesh to Afghanistan

    TEHRAN – Iranian Defense Minister Amir Hatami said on Sunday that the U.S. is seeking to transfer Daesh militants to Afghanistan to justify its own presence in the Central Asian country.

  • U.S. moving ISIS militants to Afghanistan: Iranian general 2018-01-27 09:47

    U.S. moving ISIS militants to Afghanistan: Iranian general

    TEHRAN – Ahmad Vahidi, president of the Supreme National Defense University of Iran, said on Friday that the United States intends to move Daesh (ISIS) militants to other regions, including Afghanistan.

  •  Gautam Adhikari 2018-01-24 09:58

    By Javad Heirannia

    India's military operations with U.S. in Afghanistan unlikely: expert

    TEHRAN - Gautam Adhikari, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress (CAP), says it is “India has been long involved in Afghanistan's reconstruction and attempted recovery.”

  • حامد کرزای 2018-01-20 09:16

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    U.S. has “destroyed” Afghanistan, says former Afghan president

    NEW DELHI - Addressing the Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi on Thursday, India’s flagship foreign policy conference held annually, the former Afghan President Hamid Karzai lashed out at the United States, claiming that it had “destroyed” Afghanistan. 

  • Mohammad Hanif Daneshyar 2017-12-26 07:24

    Kabul: Iran helping Afghanistan in fight against narcotics

    TEHRAN — Iran is giving a helping hand to Afghanistan in fight against drug trafficking, spokesman for Afghanistan Ministry of Counter Narcotics Mohammad Hanif Daneshyar has said.

  • Martin Love 2017-12-19 11:06

    By Martin Love  

    Moral objection valid

    North Carolina _  This is part personal, it is passionate, but it is nonetheless fully substantiated by facts and long study, experience and observation, real time objective observation, over decades. And after a while, if a person has half a brain and heart, one stops mincing words and throws caution to the winds and tries hard to tell and write truths that some others don’t want to hear and they, the others, try to squash such truth telling. But here goes, from an American journalist no less writing gladly for an Iranian newspaper.

  • Dawlat Waziri 2017-12-11 20:27

    Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman seeks Iran’s support in terror crackdown

    TEHRAN – Afghan Defense Ministry spokesman Dawlat Waziri has called on Iran to support his country in the fight against terrorism, saying Tehran can tremendously help Afghan armed forces in terrorism crackdown.

  • non-industrial drugs 2017-12-05 10:18

    By Payman Yazdani

    NATO responsibility toward rising drug production in Afghanistan

    TEHRAN _ International conference dubbed ‘Parliamentary Members vs. Drugs’ slated for Dec. 4, in the Russian capital city Moscow is being held. The main purpose of the conference is to discuss the roles of the parliaments in fight against drug.

  • Foreign military build-ups won’t work in Afghanistan: Zarif 2017-12-01 20:32

    Foreign military build-ups won’t work in Afghanistan: Zarif

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said on Friday that the threat of extremist violence and terror requires the international community’s “resolute unified response”, emphasizing that terrorism in Afghanistan cannot be resolved through foreign military build-ups.

  • ایت الله شاهرودی 2017-11-27 19:14

    Shia-Sunni amity in Afghanistan to foil plots: Expediency Council chief

    TEHRAN – Friendship between the Shia and Sunni communities in Afghanistan will lay waste the plots of the enemies of Islam, the chairman of Iran’s Expediency Council said on Monday.

  • Afghanistan needs popular forces to fight terror: Larijani 2017-11-25 08:50

    Afghanistan needs popular forces to fight terror: Larijani

    TEHRAN – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani has voiced concerns over the future of Afghanistan, saying the country needs to encourage popular forces alongside the army to launch an effective fight against terrorism, Mehr news agency reported.

  • Turkey 2017-11-23 11:07

    by Semih Idiz

    NATO blunder ignites Turkish calls to leave alliance

    A major blunder in NATO has brought bitter political rivals in Turkey into a rare demonstration of unity. Parties across the political spectrum are announcing their distrust of the international alliance.

  • khoshroo 2017-11-21 22:13

    U.S. terribly failed to end violence in Afghanistan, Iranian diplomat says

    TEHRAN – Iran’s ambassador to the UN says more than a decade on, the U.S. so-called war on terror has failed to uproot violence and extremism in Afghanistan and the rest of the world, calling on the international community to help the Kabul government with its fight against terrorism.

  • zarif 2017-11-21 09:13

    Zarif reiterates cooperation with UN on Afghanistan

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday reiterated Tehran’s support for peace and stability in Afghanistan, saying Tehran is ready to cooperate with the United Nations to help meet the needs of Afghanistan.

  • Hamid Karzai 2017-11-11 09:05

    Karzai calls on regional countries to be vigilant against U.S. conspiracies 

    KABUL _ Regional countries should be vigilant against conspiracies of U.S. government which is seeking to spread sow of discord in the region. 

  • wheat shipments 2017-11-07 18:47

    India planning more wheat shipments to Afghanistan via Chabahar

    TEHRAN- India plans to send seven shipments of wheat to Afghanistan through Iran’s southeastern Chabahar Port by the end of January, Reuters reported.

  • Nasir Ahmad Nour 2017-10-31 20:36

    By Maryam Qarehgozlou

    Afghanistan, Iran join hands to preserve the Hamouns: envoy

    TEHRAN — A festering disagreement over allocation of water from Helmand River is threatening Iran and Afghanistan relationship as both neighboring countries are suffering from drought, climate change, sand and dust storms and the lack of proper water management.

  • Iran-India trade route 2017-10-29 19:27

    India launches trade route to Afghanistan via Iran

    TEHRAN- India launched a trade route to Afghanistan via Iran through shipping its first consignment of wheat to Afghanistan on Sunday, bypassing longtime rival Pakistan.

  • علی شمخانی 2017-10-22 09:33

    Iran’s top security official condemns Afghan terror acts

    TEHRAN – Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani on Saturday condemned twin terrorist attacks on two mosques in Afghanistan, condoling with families of the victims.

  • Diplomatic team in Kabul to pursue implementation of agreements 2017-10-09 09:37

    Diplomatic team in Kabul to pursue implementation of agreements

    TEHRAN – Iranian delegation arrived in Kabul on Saturday to pursue implementation of bilateral agreements with Afghanistan, IRNA reported.

  • Refugees and Repatriation Minister Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi 2017-10-09 08:56

    Afghan min. hails Leader's contribution to education of immigrants

    TEHRAN – Refugees and Repatriation Minister Sayed Hussain Alemi Balkhi said that Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Khamenei, issuing educational services to all Afghan immigrant students in Iran, contributed greatly to the Afghan people.

  • Iran rejects report on using Afghan children to fight in Syria 2017-10-03 20:15

    Iran rejects report on using Afghan children to fight in Syria

    TEHRAN – The Iranian embassy in Afghanistan has rejected a recent report released by Human Rights Watch on using Afghan children in the Syrian conflict.

  • Zabihollah Mojahed 2017-09-17 09:29

    By Javad Mohammadi

    Taliban spokesman: ‘Saudi Arabia, Taliban like brothers’

    TEHRAN- In an Interview with the International Desk of Mehr News Agency (MNA), Mojahed shared his views on political issues in Afghanistan as well as position of the Taliban insurgent group in the country.

  • Chabahar 2017-09-11 19:30

    Afghanistan seeks speedy development of Iranian port

    Afghanistan's foreign minister asks India to expedite development of a strategic port in Iran to bolster a trade route for land-locked Central Asian countries that would bypass Pakistan.

  • Mohammad Ghaderi 2017-08-25 10:39

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Negative balance; Afghanistan's rescue

    TEHRAN- Afghanistan has been suffering from a positive balance policy for many reasons.