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  • بشار اسد و فلاحت پیشه 2019-01-15 20:19

    Officials call for closer Tehran-Damascus ties

    TEHRAN – The chairman of the Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee and Syrian President Bashar Assad in a Monday meeting underlined the importance of enhanced ties between the two countries.

  • Zarif, KRG Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani 2019-01-15 20:15

    Tehran, Erbil stress friendly bonds

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Tuesday made a tour of the Kurdistan Region in Iraq to review and reiterate close ties between the Islamic Republic and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).

  • kharrazi 2019-01-15 19:55

    ‘Poland’s hosting anti-Iran conference an insult to Europe’

    TEHRAN - Kamal Kharrazi, head of Iran’s Strategic Council on Foreign Relations, said on Tuesday that Poland’s action in hosting a U.S.-led anti-Iran conference is an insult to the Europeans’ identity.

  • Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif speaking in the Iran-Kurdistan business forum held on Tuesday in Erbil 2019-01-15 19:53

    Iraqi Kurdistan calls for expansion of economic ties with Iran

    TEHRAN – Iraqi Kurdistan’s senior officials called for expansion of trade ties with Iran during an Iran-Kurdistan business forum which was held on Tuesday in Erbil, IRNA reported.

  • تیم ملی فوتبال ایران 2019-01-15 19:28

    Carlos Queiroz, Srecko Katanec optimistic over Iran, Iraq clash

    The battle for top spot in Group D of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 will see Iran and Iraq facing off to keep their undefeated record when they clash at the Al Maktoum Stadium on Wednesday, with both head coaches are expecting a ‘good game’. Both sides booked their place in the Round of 16 after wins over Yemen and Vietnam, with Iran currently ahead on goal difference.

  • 37th Fajr International Theater Festival 2019-01-15 18:44

    Fajr theater festival to unveil books by foreign writers 

    TEHRAN – Persian translations of three books authored by foreign scholars on Iranian theater will be unveiled during the 37th Fajr International Theater Festival, the organizers announced on Tuesday. 

  • Mehdi Mahani 2019-01-15 18:42


    Actor Mehdi Mahani named best at Moscow Indie Film Festival 

    TEHRAN – Iranian actor Mehdi Mahani has won the best actor award for his role in “Supine” at the 2018 Moscow Indie Film Festival, the organizers announced in December 2018.

  • AIPS 2019-01-15 18:40

    Iranian photographers shortlisted for AIPS Sport Media Awards

    TEHRAN – Iranian photographers Amin-Mohammad Jamali, Maryam Majd and Naeim Ahmadi are among the finalists of the first edition of the AIPS Sport Media Awards from Asia and Oceania, the organizers have announced. 

  • کارلوس کی روش 2019-01-15 18:39

    By Masoud Hossein

    Iran football federation seems blind to some rules

    TEHRAN – It would be odd to negotiate coaching a team while you are still under contract with another, but that seems to be the case for the Iran football federation and Team Melli coach Carlos Queiroz.

  • “Everybody Knows” 2019-01-15 18:38

    “Everybody Knows” receives nominations at Feroz Awards

    TEHRAN – Oscar-winning director Asghar Farhadi’s film “Everybody Knows” received six nominations at the 6th Feroz Awards in Spain, the organizers have announced.

  • Iran, Mongolia 2019-01-15 18:37

    Iran, Mongolia to expand cultural ties

    TEHRAN – Iran and Mongolia plan to bridge the gap on culture between the two countries by collaborating on publications and organizing mutual cultural meetings.

  • Iranian director and playwright Alireza Kushk-Jalali in an undated photo. 2019-01-15 18:36

    “Barefoot, Naked, Heart in His Hand” coming to Tehran theater 

    TEHRAN – The Cologne-based Iranian director and playwright Alireza Kushk-Jalali plans to stage his play “Barefoot, Naked, Heart in His Hand” on racial violence at Tehran’s Divare Chaharom Theater on January 21.

  • A poster for “'night, Mother” by Melika Razi and Peyman Yaquti.  2019-01-15 18:33

    Pulitzer Prize winning play “'night, Mother” on stage at Tehran theater

    TEHRAN – American playwright Marsha Norman’s Pulitzer Prize winning play “'night, Mother” is on stage at a Tehran Theater based on a Persian translation by Hamid Ehya.

  • Jordan 2019-01-15 16:55

    Jordan to host Yemeni peace talks

     Jordan said on Tuesday that it agreed to host a meeting between the Yemeni government and the Houthis to discuss an agreement to exchange prisoners and detainees.

  • Payam satellite 2019-01-15 14:13

    Payam satellite fails to reach orbit

    TEHRAN- Iran launched homegrown Payam satellite early on Tuesday, however, the satellite's carrier rocket could not reach the "necessary speed" and so did not reach the orbit, the information and communication technology (ICT) minister told the state TV.

  • Imam Ali (AS)   2019-01-15 11:40

    Imam Ali (AS)

    Fear is close to despair, and bashfulness is akin to privation. Opportunity passes quickly like a cloud, so make use of the right ones.   

  • Mountain goats in northwestern resort  2019-01-15 11:38

    Mountain goats in northwestern resort 

    A pack of nine goats has recently been released into Eynali Mount, which is home to a gigantic recreational resort in northwestern Iran. 

  • lady Zeinab 2019-01-15 11:10

    By: Sâdeq Ali Musa

    Lady Zeinab (A.S): An icon and a role model to the women

    TEHRAN - Lady zeinab (A.S) proved that the woman is not in the peripheries of history, but in the core of it. She humiliated and mortified, in his place, the enemy who had apparently gained victory on the battlefield. _Ayatollah khamene'i_ It's well known and accepted, most of famous and great leaders of human kind are AHLUL-BAYT or people from the lineage or from their school of thought.

  • Mike Pompeo 2019-01-15 10:01

    By Paul R. Pillar

    Pompeo in Cairo: Anti-Obama, anti-Iran, and little else

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo delivered a campaign speech in Cairo that seemed written to please an audience of one—President Donald Trump—along with the domestic political base to which Trump’s own rhetoric is designed to appeal.

  • Tony Blair 2019-01-15 09:55

    By Hanif Ghaffari 

    Why is Tony Blair so angry?

    TEHRAN - The former British Prime Minister doesn't have a good time! On the one hand, Tony Blair is witnessing the continuation of the Brexit process, and on the other hand, He's in no way happy with what has happened inside the Labor Party! Tony Blair is one of the main opponents of the British withdrawal from the European Union.

  • Iranians will not forget treason by Poland 2019-01-15 09:43

    By Mohammad Ghaderi

    Iranians will not forget treason by Poland

    TEHRAN - In 1939, when World War II began, Poland came under attacks by both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. The attacks led to starvation, displacement, and mass execution of Polish people.

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  • condensate 2019-01-14 22:43

    S. Korea to receive Iranian condensate cargoes in Jan. after 4-month gap

    A South Korean oil buyer is set to receive about 2 million barrels of Iranian condensate in January, a source familiar with the matter said on Monday.

  • Prosecutor denies Esmail Bakhshi’s torture claims 2019-01-14 22:43

    Prosecutor denies Esmail Bakhshi’s torture claims

    TEHRAN – Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, Iran's prosecutor general, has denied rumors that Esmail Bakhshi, spokesman for the independent Workers Union of Haft Tappeh Sugarcane Agro Industrial Company, has been tortured, saying ulterior motives might have been behind the rumors.

  • Iran’s approach toward last year’s protests ‘more mature’ than ever 2019-01-14 22:43

    Iran’s approach toward last year’s protests ‘more mature’ than ever

    TEHRAN – Hesamoddin Ashna, a senior cultural advisor to the president, says the Islamic Republic’s approach toward last year’s protests was more mature compared to previous protests.

  • The tide submerging U.S. already has begun: commander 2019-01-14 22:43

    The tide submerging U.S. already has begun: commander

    TEHRAN – Basij Chief Gholamhossein Gheybparvar has said the domino effect that will eventually lead to the collapse of the United States has already been triggered.

  • Pre-Islamic potteries unearthed in central Iran 2019-01-14 22:41

    Pre-Islamic potteries unearthed in central Iran

    TEHRAN – A total of 22 pieces of pottery have recently been unearthed in Khaveh rural district, central Iran.

  • Ardebil hosting national festival of tribes 2019-01-14 22:41

    Ardebil hosting national festival of tribes

    TEHRAN – A national festival of tribes is currently underway in the city of Sareyn, northwestern province of Ardebil.

  • Foreign arrivals in Iran reaches six million in nine months 2019-01-14 22:41

    Foreign arrivals in Iran reaches six million in nine months

    TEHRAN – Over six million foreign nationals visited Iran during the first nine months of the current Iranian calendar year (started March 21, 2018), a remarkable rise from the same period last year, tourism chief has said.

  • aassa 2019-01-14 22:40

    Three Iranian women among top Asian scientists

    TEHRAN – The book of "Biography of Asian Female Scientists" has placed three Iranian scientist among top 50 Asian female scientists.