Saudi Arabia


  • Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the Group of 20 with Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman 2018-12-03 15:44

    Putin says Russia and Saudi Arabia to extend OPEC+ oil pact

    Russia and Saudi Arabia agreed to extend into 2019 their agreement to manage the oil market, known as OPEC+, although Moscow and Riyadh have yet to agree on any fresh output cuts.

  • Daryl Kimball 2018-12-02 10:35

    By Javad Heirannia

    Murder of Khashoggi has hardened Congress resistance to nuclear agreement with KSA: Daryl Kimball

    TEHRAN - Daryl Kimball, executive director of the Arms Control Association in Washington, says “I do not believe the Congress will approve a civil nuclear cooperation agreement with Saudi Arabia if it does not meet the “Gold Standard.”

  • Frank N. von Hippel 2018-11-30 12:02

    By Javad Heirannia

    ‘I doubt that China or Russia would supply Saudi with enrichment or reprocessing tech’ 

    TEHRAN – Professor Frank N. von Hippel, former assistant director for national security in the White House Office of Science and Technology says that “I don’t think that South Korea could sell nuclear power plants to Saudi Arabia if Saudi Arabia does not have a 123 agreement with the U.S.”

  • Zanganeh 2018-11-28 20:36

    Some countries trying to harm Iran by manipulating oil market: Zanganeh

    Some countries are trying to harm Iran by manipulating the oil market, Iranian Oil Minister Bijan Zanganeh said on Wednesday, according to Mehr news agency.

  • Trump - Mohammed bin Salman 2018-11-28 12:18

    Iran, Saudi Arabia and a history of American aggression

    Tehran has repeatedly delivered on its promises, while Washington has fallen short and backed Riyadh’s disastrous regional adventures

  • Trump 2018-11-28 10:57

    By Martin Love

    Bold counter moves even if naïve are worth marginal examination at least

    NORTH CAROLINA - President Rouhani and other leaders in Iran have lately been appealing for unity among all Muslims to counter the threats posed by the Israelis and the U.S. and the Saudis to sow yet more chaos in the Middle East. No one can argue against the idea of such unity, but aside from a few discrete periods in Islamic history the effective unity of the “ummah” has been and seems to remain a chimera, a least when viewed from any purely political angle.

  • amoli 2018-11-26 21:43

    Western claims of support for human rights are an ‘absolute lie’

    TEHRAN - Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said on Monday that the U.S. backs various coalitions in the Middle East region to simply help the survival of the Zionist regime.

  • Saudi Arabia tortured female right-to-drive activists, says Amnesty 2018-11-26 16:53

    Saudi Arabia tortured female right-to-drive activists, says Amnesty

    Women’s accounts include being given electric shocks and flogged, hung from the ceiling, and subjected to sexual harassment

  • U.S. and Saudi nuclear options 2018-11-26 10:55

    By Javad Heirannia & Ramin Hossein Abadian

    U.S. and Saudi nuclear options

    Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (Mbs) has recently pushed a plan to build seven strategic nuclear projects in the country, including a nuclear reactor in King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology in Riyadh. The make of the first Saudi research reactor is unclear since Riyadh and Washington have not reached an agreement yet on this nuclear project.

  • Participants of Islamic unity conference meet Ayatollah Khamenei 2018-11-25 19:36

    Leader says Iran is an example of progress

    TEHRAN - Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said on Sunday that the Iranian people and the Islamic Republic system present examples of progress to the Islam world.

  • Pakistan-IMF 2018-11-22 08:50

    Pakistan, IMF bailout talks in progress

    TEHRAN _ To tide over the flailing economy, Pakistan is currently in talks with International Monetary Fund (IMF) and both parties have made "significant progress" toward agreeing on an $8 billion bailout package, the IMF said in a statement on Tuesday.

  • Yemen 2018/11/19

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Why no global outcry over Saudi war in Yemen?

    TEHRAN - On Sunday, the U.S. intelligence agency confirmed that the brazen killing of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi was ordered by the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman, which must have finally given some comfort to his restless soul. The truth was not hidden from the world, as it was already established by the Turkish authorities, but now we have the word straight from the horse’s mouth.

  • Saudi Arabia 2018/11/17

    By Syed Zafar Mehdi

    Pakistan PM’s Saudi affair likely to backfire

    TEHRAN - Pakistan’s relations with Saudi Arabia flourished during the previous government headed by Nawaz Sharif, primarily due to his personal business interests in the Kingdom and friendly association with members of the Saudi royal family. Despite the criticism at home, Sharif never missed an opportunity to eulogize the Saudi rulers and support their wrongs.

  • Mohammed bin Salman 2018-11-17 11:48

    CIA concludes bin Salman ordered killing of Khashoggi 

    The Central Intelligence Agency has concluded that the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, ordered the killing of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi, according to American officials.

  • Jafari: ‘Tough response’ awaits abductors of Iranian forces 2018-11-16 20:49

    Iran’s response to Saudis will be ‘covert but painful’: IRGC

    TEHRAN – The chief of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) has threatened the Saudi regime’s empty and hostile remarks against Iran will not go unanswered, noting that Tehran’s reaction will be “covert but painful”.

  • پهلوی 2018-11-16 20:31

    Saudi Arabia’s $300 million aid to Reza Pahlavi for provoking protests in Iran

    According to Saudi Arabia’s closest sources, recently there was a visit between Ambassador of Saudi Arabia and some senior Saudi officials with Reza Pahlavi in New York in which the son of a former Iranian king has demanded Saudis to help him in his activities against the Iranian government. Saudi Arabia has accepted the request and promised to help him if he performs some protests in the big cities of Iran.

  • Saudi, Israeli agents killed in Iran’s missile attack: general 2018-11-14 20:17

    Saudi, Israeli agents killed in Iran’s missile attack: general

    TEHRAN – Agents with Saudi Arabia and the Zionist regime were killed in Iran’s September 9 missile attacks against the Kurdistan Democratic Party – Iran (KDP-I) terrorist group in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, commander of the IRGC aerospace division announced on Wednesday.

  • Jamal Khashoggi - Mohammed bin Salman 2018-11-13 11:27

    By Seyedeh Mahdieh Qoreishi

    Saudi Arabia, a dilemma over ruling colonial or police state 

    TEHRAN - Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS) announced the kickoff of Saudi Arabia’s massive Vision 2030 economic reform when implementation of these reforms required maximum stability and control of the country.

  • Hossein Askari 2018-11-13 10:24

    By Javad Heirannia

    Bin Salman will step down: Hossein Askari

    TEHRAN – Professor Hossein Askari, an expert on Saudi Arabia who also teaches international business at the George Washington University, believes that with no doubt Mohammad bin Salman, ordered Khashoggi kidnapping, murder and disposal of the body. “I don’t believe that MBS can survive,” Hossein Askari, who served as special advisor to Saudi finance minister, tells the Tehran Times.

  • Iran-Pakistan 2018-11-12 23:22

    Iran, Pakistan to kick off discussions on stalled gas pipeline project

    TEHRAN _ In a significant development that augur well for Iran-Pakistan relations, the PTI government in Islamabad led by Imran Khan has decided to kick off discussions on Iran-Pakistan (I-P) gas pipeline project that got shelved by the previous government in 2016.

  • Trump-MBS 2018-11-12 11:46

    By Ramin Hossein Abadian

    U.S. and the end of Yemen War, Washington’s attempt to save Riyadh’s ruling family 

    TEHRAN - Recently, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued his strongest statement yet on the war in Yemen, calling for a cessation of hostilities in Yemen under UN-led negotiations.

  • Mohammed bin Salman 2018-11-12 11:10

    NY Times: Saudis close to MBS tried to kill Iranian officials 

    In a report published on November 11, the New York Times revealed that senior Saudi intelligence officials close to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, known as MBS, tried to assassinate Iranian officials including the IRGC Quds Force commander last year.

  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan 2018-11-11 15:35

    Turkey’s president says recording of Khashoggi’s killing was given to U.S.

    WASHINGTON — Turkey said on Saturday that it had turned over an audio recording of the killing of a Saudi dissident to the United States and other Western countries, intensifying the pressure on President Trump to take stronger punitive measures against his allies in Saudi Arabia.

  • Mohammed bin Salman 2018-11-11 14:42

    Saudi Arabia Quietly Revises Prince's Transformation Plan

    Saudi Arabia has quietly revised its plan to overhaul its government and economy by 2020, lowering some targets as Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s ambitions bump up against the reality of implementation.

  • Mohammed bin Salman and  Jamal Khoshaggi 2018-11-10 10:04

    By Ramin Hossein Abdian

    Saudi and insistence on terrorism policy; worry about repeating Khashoggi case

    TEHRAN - Over a month after Jamal Khoshaggi’s murder, there remains much confusion and many questions about the crime the Saudis committed in their consulate in Istanbul.

  • U.S. Action Group dreaming of re-enacting 1953 coup: Zarif 2018-11-09 13:47

    ‘Have you no shame’, Zarif tells Pompeo

    TEHRAN - Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Thursday asked his U.S. counterpart Mike Pompeo that “have you no shame” for the Saudi starvation of the Yemeni people.

  • Trump - Bin salman 2018-11-05 10:56

    By Roohullah Ghasemian

    Khashoggi’s murder: the beginning of the Greater Middle East Project

    TEHRAN - It's not the first time that the Al-Saud regime brutally treats opponents, but it is the first that Western countries react to its hostility. The West generally hides and rejects anti-humanitarian measures because of their dependence on Saudi’s oil, or the sale of billions of weapons or generous suggestions made by the ruling regime.

  • sadria 2018-11-04 20:31

    By Negar Asadi

    Khashoggi’s murder questions anti-Iran approach of Trump: scholar

    TEHRAN - Modjtaba Sadria, a prominent scholar, says that murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi questions the Trump administration’s tough approach towards Iran.

  • erdogan 2018-11-03 16:01

    Turkey´s Erdogan says Khashoggi killing ordered by highest level of Saudi govt

    ANKARA:  The order to kill journalist Jamal Khashoggi came from the "highest levels" of the Saudi government, Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said in an op-ed piece published by the Washington Post on Friday.

  • Saudi Arabia–United States 2018-11-03 09:29

    By Mohammad Ghaderi - Twitter: @ghaderi62 - Email:

    West and Saudi's Petro Dollars

    TEHRAN - Although Western countries have condemned the murder of Jamal Khashoggi by Mohammad bin Salman, they are simultaneously trying to cover the unimaginable crime of the Saudis.