• Ties 2020-11-13 22:07

    Bolivia restores diplomatic relations with Iran

    TEHRAN - Bolivia’s new president, Luis Arce, has made good on his pledge to restore relations with Iran and Venezuela a few days after he assumed office.

  • Elliot Abrams 2020-11-13 19:43

    U.S. envoy sees new Iran sanctions, rules out military action

    The U.S. will impose new sanctions on Iran while President Donald Trump remains in office, according to a senior American diplomat who described speculation over military action against the Islamic Republic as “garbage.”

  • Remains of Stone Age artifacts unearthed in northern Iran 2020-11-13 18:02

    Remains of Stone Age artifacts unearthed in northern Iran

    TEHRAN – Vestiges of handmade tools, dating back to the Paleolithic era, also called the Old Stone Age, have recently been discovered in an archaeological survey in northern Iran.

  • Lavrov 2020-11-13 17:27

    Lavrov expects Biden to replicate Obama’s policy on Iran

    TEHRAN – In his first comment on what a Biden administration’s policy on Iran would look like, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov expected that the United States foreign policy under Joe Biden would be similar to that seen under President Barack Obama, especially on Iran and climate change, according to a Reuters report.

  • Abdollahian 2020-11-13 14:35

    Saudi king has no right to accuse Iran: aide

    TEHRAN - Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, the special aide to the speaker of the Iranian Parliament on international affairs, responded on Thursday to the remarks by Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, who has recently called for a decisive stance against Iran.

  • Haitham Abu Said 2020-11-12 00:33

    By Reza Moshfegh

    Ottawa a heaven for Iranian fraudsters: HRC ambassador at large to West Asia 

    TEHRAN - Canada claims to defend human rights while it sold nearly 3 billion Canadian dollars worth of arms to Saudi Arabia in 2019 which are chiefly used to kill innocent Yemeni citizens, including women and children.

  • Zarif, Imran Khan 2020-11-12 00:31

    Zarif holds talks with dignitaries in Pakistan

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif visited Islamabad on Tuesday night to discuss regional issues, the Muslim world, international affairs, and the promotion of bilateral relations, according to the Iranian Foreign Ministry.

  • Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam 2020-11-12 00:05

    The man who made it possible

    TEHRAN – As Iran commemorated the ninth martyrdom anniversary of Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, a general known for his studious efforts to develop Iran’s missile program, a defense expert tells the Tehran Times that the general has played a crucial role in establishing deterrence against Iran’s enemies.

  • Copies of “A Bridge That Doesn’t Lead Anybody to Home” containing the Arabic translation of Persian poet Garus Abdolmalekian’s works. 2020-11-11 18:34

    Works by Iranian poet Garus Abdolmalekian published in Kuwait 

    TEHRAN – A selection of works by Iranian poet Garus Abdolmalekian has been published in Arabic in Kuwait.

  • Arshin 2020-11-11 11:18

    By Javad Heirannia

    It’s Biden that needs to take verifiable steps to lift Iran sanctions: Adib-Moghaddam

    TEHRAN - Professor Arshin Adib-Moghaddam, chair of the Centre for Iranian Studies at the London Middle East Institute, argues it is Joe Biden’s administration that needs to take verifiable steps to lift sanctions on Iran.

  • Rouhani 2020-11-11 10:56

    Rouhani says Iran ready to share experiences in Coronavirus fight 

    TEHRAN – President Hassan Rouhani of Iran announced on Tuesday that Iran is ready to share its experiences with regional countries, including members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), in “combating COVID-19”.

  • Canada Iran 2020-11-11 10:54

    Canada’s double standard over human rights

    TEHRAN – As Iran and Ukraine move forward with their cooperation on the downed airplane, analysts put the spotlight on Canada’s double standards over human rights. Canada is making maverick efforts to use the airplane incident to turn up the heat on Iran.

  • Karabakh 2020-11-10 21:45

    Iran welcomes Russian-brokered peace deal between Azerbaijan, Armenia

    TEHRAN – Mahmoud Vaezi, the Iranian president’s chief of staff, welcomed on Tuesday a Russian-brokered deal between Azerbaijan and Armenia to put an end to the conflict in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

  • Pakistan 2020-11-10 21:44

    MP hails Zarif’s visit to Pakistan as ‘fruitful’

    TEHRAN – Fadahossein Maleki, a member of the Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, has welcomed the visit by Iran’s chief diplomat Mohammad Javad Zarif to neighboring Pakistan.

  • Rabiei 2020-11-10 19:30

    People across the world rejoiced over Trump’s defeat: government

    TEHRAN – People in almost all countries of the world rejoiced over the American people’s rejection of Donald Trump, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiei said on Tuesday.

  • Historical celadons loaned to China return home 2020-11-10 19:03

    Historical celadons loaned to China return home

    TEHRAN – A collection of centuries-old celadons - a greenish ceramic glaze that is used on stoneware – has returned home after being showcased at Beijing’s Palace Museum.

  • image-20201110162258-1.jpeg 2020-11-10 16:36

    Promotional Item:

    Increasing Demand for Viscosity Grade Bitumen in India

    Viscosity grades of bitumen have played a strong role in Indian bitumen market, in recent years. Over 60 percent of road projects in the country use various grades of VG bitumen, including VG-10, VG-40 and more than other grades VG-30.

  • Elliott Abrams 2020-11-09 21:47

    Trump administration plans flood of sanctions on Iran by Jan. 20: Axios

    Donald Trump’s administration is planning to impose a “flood of sanctions” on Iran by January 20, 2021, after it recently targeted the country’s oil and financial sectors, a media report said.

  • A view of the 17th-century Hasht Behesht palace and garden in Isfahan 2020-11-09 21:22

    Virtual Isfahan tourism: a gift by the festival to the audience

    This year, for the first time, no guests traveled to Isfahan to attend the Isfahan International Film Festival for Children and youth. Instead, Isfahan hosted its national and international audience. The Tourism and Urban Marketing Committee of the 33rd Festival, led by Nafise Hajati, a specialist journalist in the field of heritage and tourism, produced videos introducing the lesser-known attractions of Isfahan. During these video narrations, the relationship between Isfahan and the Festival was shown to the local, domestic, and international audiences.

  • Iran’s first tourism farm inaugurated 2020-11-09 21:22

    Iran’s first tourism farm inaugurated

    TEHRAN – The first tourism farm in Iran, measuring five hectares in area, has been created in a scenic fertile land adjacent to a dense forest in the northern province of Golestan.

  • Zarif 2020-11-09 21:16

    Iran FM to visit Pakistan

    TEHRAN – Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will pay a visit on Tuesday to neighboring Pakistan at the invitation of his Pakistani counterpart, according to the spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Saeed Khatibzadeh.

  • Maas 2020-11-09 21:00

    German FM calls for Europe-U.S. co-op to revive JCPOA

    TEHRAN - German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Monday that Joe Biden's projected win presents “many new chances” for cooperation between Berlin and Washington, according to a Deutsche Welle report.

  • Shusha 2020-11-09 20:56

    Iran congratulates Azerbaijan on liberation of Shusha

    TEHRAN – The Iranian embassy in Baku has congratulated Azerbaijan on the liberation of the strategic city of Shusha, a key city in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh which has been under Armenian control for more than two and a half decades.

  • Marc Finaud 2020-11-09 11:54

    By Javad Heirannia

    Biden will follow Obama’s legacy towards Iran: ex-French Foreign Ministry official 

    TEHRAN - Marc Finaud, the former French Foreign Ministry spokesman, predicts that the incoming Joe Biden administration will “follow Barack Obama’s legacy based on policy change and not regime change towards Iran.” 

  • Rough hands, wool fibers and the traditional art of felt  2020-11-09 10:12

    Rough hands, wool fibers and the traditional art of felt 

    An Iranian crafter (not pictured) rubs his rough hands against the wool fibers which are gradually being turned into a piece of felt in his workshop in Ramsar, northern Iran, November 6, 2020.   

  • Attack 2020-11-08 21:58

    Afghanistan struggles for peace amid surge in violence

    TEHRAN – As violence surged across Afghanistan in recent weeks, Afghan and Iranian diplomats intensified efforts to achieve lasting peace in Afghanistan and put an end to the country’s long-running conflict.

  • A poster for the International Clean Hands, Save Lives Painting Contest. 2020-11-08 18:49

    IIDCYA to announce winners of Clean Hands painting contest tomorrow online

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Institute for Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCYA) will announce the winners of the International Clean Hands, Save Lives Painting Contest on Monday online.

  • Writer Hushang Moradi Kermani poses beside his picture at his 72nd birthday celebration at the Imam Ali (AS) Religious Arts Museum on September 10, 2016. (Tehran Picture Agency/Ahmad Aghasian).  2020-11-08 18:43

    By Seyyed Mostafa Mousavi Sabet

    Iran’s Hushang Moradi Kermani nominated for Astrid Lindgren Award

    TEHRAN – Iran’s Institute for Research on the History of Children’s Literature has nominated bestselling writer Hushang Moradi Kermani for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2021.

  • “Sun Children” by Iranian director Majid Majidi.  2020-11-08 18:38

    Child labor drama “Sun Children” picked to represent Iran at Oscars

    TEHRAN – Majid Majidi’s child labor drama “Sun Children” has been selected to represent Iran during the 93rd Academy Awards in the best foreign-language film category.

  • Bolivia 2020-11-08 18:26

    Zarif meets with Bolivia’s new president

    TEHRAN – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has met with Bolivia’s president-elect to discuss issues of mutual interest.